KPA + FRFR : How to keep getting the guitar cab feeling

  • Hi guys,

    I noticed some users complained about the too much "hi-fi" sound of kemper+FRFR solution so i wanted to gather every information to get the best of the two worlds :
    => FRFR speakers for their flat and full range sound and guitar cabinet sounds for their warm and impactful sound.

    Here are some solutions I've seen on the kemper forum, but probably not exhaustive

    Kemper quick-wins to play with FRFR speakers

    • Activate PureCabinet feature (can be found in the output section)

    All-in-one Handmade GRFR solution
    Proposed by davec69 :


    prefer a little of both. Found myself a 3-Way (12" Lo x 8" Mid + 2 Tweeter) passive Polytone Keyboard Cabinet, which gets a great FRFR tone, then replaced the 12" with my favorite Eminence speaker. Gives me my favorite Eminence speaker tones + clear mids and highs.

    All-in-one Commercial GRFR solution

    • Kpa-solutions 112CX
    • Kpa-solutions camper plus kit
    • Matrix NL12/NL212
    • ...

    Mixing FRFR speaker + guitare cabinet

    • Ex : With powerhead, use a guitar cab plugged in the power output, and one active FRFR plugged in the main output

    Regarding the ability of those solution to provide a better cab feeling than a pure FRFR speaker, it would be great to gather every of your opinions and experience, as well as other solutions and informations that are missing here.


  • Hi Nicolas. I'm fine with a DXR10 behind me. I use pure cab all the time around 5 or so. Perhaps I'm in the minority, or maybe not, but I don't miss guitar cabs.

    Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. - Wayne Dyer

  • mission engineering gemini 2 can also be switched from full range to guitar range, but only on the active version. you'll need much $$$ for it

    however, guitar range does not mean you will get the "amp in the room" feel. that's a shortcut you don't want to make

    my personnal assuption if you want amp feel with FRFR is that you need no less than a 10' speaker on your FRFR in order to move air and you will also need some time to tweak and EQ your profiles. there are great FRFR speakers out there, atomic, matrix, mission engineering, xitone. you can't go wrong with any of these. I am myself in the middle of the process of buying one of these and am waiting to see the matrix FR12 which comes at a great price vs. specs.

  • While there certainly are differences in the speaker-elements used the main difference between all these different FRFR-solutions is where the speaker is pointed. I use in-ears a lot, but for my best sound with actual speakers I use a pair of wedges (Dynacord AXM12A). One in front of me that also takes a monitor-mix (without guitar) in its second channel and one to my side. Even if these monitors are fed the same (mono) signal their positioning provide a 3d-spacing that I find very similar to the sound of a traditional backline amp, but without having to be so loud that it blows the ears off the front-row audience.

  • I still prefer an open back cab. w a single 12"" Celestion .
    This setup will only get close to reproducing certain combo amps, but that's my sound choice and
    ive had great comments from die hard tube amp aficionados .

  • LOL

    not sure about the latter (wouldn't hold my breath tho), but I have to say their active cab is one of the products that most impressed me in conjunction with the Profiler. I now consider it the go-to solution for anyone not wanting to use an FRFR cab and feeling limited by a traditional guitar cab. Tone and SPL are top-notch.

    They also make top-quality cables for different applications along with other stuff, but I've never tried them.

  • I'm very happy with my NL12 for monitoring at small gigs. Good profiles somehow sound even better through it, although not so good ones sound a lot worse for some reason. I'm not using Pure Cab (of course), but have Space on permanently around 2.7-3.5