Worship Profile Pack - Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Bethel

  • But I can see myself moving towards Strymon pedals for delay , and JHS morning Glory for drive .. rather than carrying the Axe around etc..

    I am looking into a Eventide H9 for extra effects. I think the Reverbs and delays that the kemper does have a good, but I like to do more delay and Reverb. I also use MB packs....I will have to look into the Guytron amp pack...sounds cool. Right now I use Pack 1 (mainly, Divided by 13, Matchless (great), 3rd Power, and Fender black face. They are great.

  • I love the MBritt Guytron pack. I use the CLN 6 R1 and B 2 2 as three good starting points. I have a morning glory I leave on most of the time. before the morning glory I have a MXR Il Torino. A very good lighter overdrive pedal with three band eq, super cheap and perfect for stacking. after the Il Torino and morning glory, I have a Boss OD1x, that I use for sustained leads here and there. It gets in the Rat territory. And I have an Eventide H9 max in the loop and a Line 6 M5, which I use exclusively for it's autoswell effect.

  • I've been using the Mbritt Vox AC30. Works really great with my Gretsch for worship stuff. Just about any amp set to slightly broken up tone (when you strum so it is chimey but not totally overdriven and when you pick lightly it is pretty clean) works well. If you need help with effects, let me know. I have some presets I could share with you. I will try to post a factory rig with the presets I use as far as stomps and reverbs delays if I can. If you just want the effects and stomp settings that I use (which may or may not work well for your particular situation) I can share those presets with you. Obviously can't share the actual profiles I use but if you get any of the profiles mentioned in this thread, you can add the stomps and effects. Basically I use a compressor in slot 1, a pure boost in slot 2 (2.5db clean boost) a green scream in slot 3 and a mouse in slot 4. Then I use a pureboost in slot x (for a solo boost). Let me know if I can be of any help. I'd love to lend a hand.

  • I have founds several youtube videos of Joseph Wu who has some great demos of his kemper settings etc.

    He also has kemper profile packs available for download on his website that I have been thinking of getting.

    Check some of his stuff out below, it might be what you are looking for if you are like me and looking for something ready out of the box to use with little tweaking.


  • I grabbed these a little while back and through them in my Kemper's Performance slots. Some great stuff. The effects settings for P&W is awesome!!