L.A. Rack Tri-Chorus Clean Sound

  • I had a request from Eltzejuup (Frank) and Sercho in Guido's commercial Profile thread on how I get that L.A. Rack Tri-Chorus style tone ever present in a lot of 80's hard rock and "pop metal". So rather than clog up the thread and take the thread totally off topic Sercho suggested I post a write up here.

    Most of this information is just a re-hash of what Mats Nermark posted a few years ago with a video showing how to set this style of effects up so I suggest anyone interested who may have missed his posts visit address below for most of what I'll type here is 80% or more what he already has shown us all and where I took my starting point from.
    http://www.nermark.com/KPA_profiles.htm (sorry using Microsoft Edge, links won't work for some reason)

    Anyway first thing to do is get a totally clean bright profile, a nice Fender profile for instance. Then add the following settings for stomps and effects:

    STOMPS (Pre Amp Stack):

    Stomp A:-

    Intensity: 3.8
    Attack: 0.1
    Squash: 0.0
    Mix: 100%
    Volume: 0.0

    EFFECTS (Post Amp Stack)

    Slot X:-

    Depth: 6.2
    Amount: 3.0
    Crossover: 33.7
    Mix: 100%
    Ducking: 0.0
    Volume: 0.0

    Slot Mod:-


    Detune: 6.3
    Crossover: 20.6
    Mix: 50%
    Ducking: 0.0
    Volume: +1.0

    Slot Delay:-

    FREE DELAY: (Really down to your taste the chorus and micro pitch are the main components of this type tone)

    Mix: 50%
    Time: 480 ms
    Ratio 4:4 (as I play in mono live, try 4:2 if using in a stereo setup for a ping pong effect)
    Feedback: 30%
    Bandwidth: 0.0
    Centre Frequency: 0.0
    Modulation: 0.0
    Ducking: 0.0
    Volume: 0.0

    Slot Reverb:- (again adjust to taste)


    Mix: 40%
    Del+Rev Balance: 0%
    Time: 6.0
    Damping 4.4
    Predelay: 40ms
    Bandwidth: 5.0
    Frequency: +0.5
    Ducking: 0.0
    Volume: 0.0

    Tips to try:
    1. If you think the chorus is too "wobbly" reduce the Hyper Chorus depth a touch and try maybe setting the crossover a little higher to lessen the wobble effect on the low end
    2. To get a little more definition and "string" in the tone try reducing the mix on the compressor to 65% this will bring a bit more of the direct guitar signal into the mix which I believe is like using parallel compression, alternatively add about 1.5 DIRECT MIX from the AMPLIFIER STACK, has basically the same effect.
    3. Try swapping out the MICRO DETUNE for a VINTAGE CHORUS as Mats Nermark does, set with very low/subtle settings, all you want to do is slightly modulate the hyper chorus further the same as the detune on the Eventide units were used on these type sounds.
    4. Try disabling the cab entirely, on some profiles this can really add that final direct to the desk type tone, think the clean sound in the verses on Here I go Again US version that Dann Huff played on rather than the version on the 1987 album.


    Ice/Shimmer Ethereal Delay (Tweaked Meambobbo settings actually sounds like a reverb rather than delay, check his presets out they are excellent)

    Same setup as before but replace the DELAY as REVERB with these settings


    Analogue/Free Delay (make sure tap tempo is disabled otherwise it won't work):

    Mix: 45%
    Time: 220 ms
    Ratio: 4:3
    Feedback: 80%
    Bandwidth: 1.5
    Centre Frequency: +1.5
    Modulation: 8.0
    Ducking: 0.0
    Volume: 0.0



    Mix: 100% Wet
    Del + Rev Balance: +100%
    Time: 7.7
    Damping: 0.0
    Pre Delay: 0
    Bandwidth: 0
    Frequency: -0.9
    Ducking: 0.0
    Volume: 0.0

    Hope some people find some use out of this.