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  • i love the lemon look, my friend has a real 59 faded to lemon, the best guitar i have ever played

    when you need more impolite pickups try ox 4 medium wind or throbak they are very authentic to the

    original pafs,great pickups too

  • Just traded some stuff for this guitar. It's a Regius 6. I'm not sure whether it's fugly or nice to look at haha.

    If you want to hear what it sounds like, this is a small test I did.

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  • haha, you come up with more stuff! The great gear hunter.........

    I have a problem... :D

    I did fund this one after moving a couple of amps though, so revenue neutral. Naturally after profiling.

    Did you guys try my Meza Boog Triple Wreck profile on the rig exchange? One of the best I've made. Consequently, I don't miss the amp I sold! ;)

  • for that price!

    I think we're long past the days of having to qualify a statement on guitars being good / bad. If it plays good and it sounds good, it is good (not to mention good looking!).

    Back in the 80s when the Squires first came out, a friend of mine wanted an electric. She had tiny hands, so Strats came to mind. We went to the local big music store and there, side by side, were new American and Squire (Japan) Strats. The price difference was hundreds of dollars.

    She had the money to buy either. I played both, handed her the Squire and told her it was superior in a number of ways. Back then Squires and other guitars had the stigma of being "student" (aka cheap crap) guitars. If it wasn't a first line Fender or Gibson, it was junk, regardless of the actual quality of a given guitar. And heaven help you if you showed up to an audition with one - it was over before you even plugged in because you didn't have "pro gear."

    And that was in the 80s. These days with all the computer tech and advances in production techniques I'm continually astounded at how many great guitars are out there. Some of them are even Fenders or Gibsons. While I still have first line Fenders and Gibsons and PRSs (oh, my!), it's as much force of habit as anything else. Truly a great era to buy guitars. At any price. :)

  • My most played and (ab)used guitar is a Squier Deluxe Strat. I have the frets dressed 2 times already, but I don't want to let her go. So at the moment I do a re-fret with stainless steel frets and have the plan to further upgrade a few things.

    I have 22 guitars, but this cheopo Squier has a special place in my heart, for some obvious reasons (best comfort neck ever) and some I can't really explain :/:)

  • I have three new (old) guitars. Two need work, one is mint condition!

    First one, 1976, Ovation 1627-4 Glen Campbell model - needs work, Pawn Shop Find

    Second one, 1993 Ovation 1868 Elite - needs work - Facebook Marketplace Find

    Third, 1987 Ovation 1712 Custom Balladeer, absolutely MINT condition! My local Guitar Shop

    The 1627-4 had a long crack with separation, being humidified and wit the weights sitting on the caised crack, the separation has gone from about 6 inches of light showing through to 2. Once I get it closed, I will cleat the crack from the back.

    I love Ovation guitars...I also have a 1768 I have had new since back in the 80's, and an 1858 12-string purchased new in 2002.

  • I've always loved the way the Ovation necks feel.

    Why do you have a block of C4 and a detonator attached to one of your guitars? If it's been bad, wouldn't a scolding be more appropriate? :)