Show your latest guitar

  • I was depressed for a couple of months a while ago, and to steer myself in the right direction I decided to sell, throw and give away lot of old records, photos, movies, books, magazines, stuff like that. Also deleting all my Youtube content (100+ videos...) and band history on Facebook since 2011 ||

    Oh well, another thing I did was selling and giving away guitar parts, bodies, necks and hardware. But some were unsellable, like this body below. I had routed the Evertune hole a bit wrong, and gave up on it. A year later it was lying in the swedish winter snow for a few months :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I was curious about how it looked so I actually walked out in the woods and looked for it. It was still there, but was slightly deformed and the finish (which I had sprayed myself, by the way) was REALLY cracked up.

    But there was some appeal to it, so I decided to bring it home and now I'm thinking of getting a new or used Warmoth neck for it and get it up and rocking.

    And then I STILL have 2 more Evertune bridges for other projects XD

  • It looks fantastic! And this guitar will carry a very interesting story!

  • Good for you. When depressed, Cederick , keep the mind occupied.