Kemper OS 4 - Seamless ToneTravelling

  • Yeah, I read that too and was kinda scratching my head thinking... [sorry for being so blunt] "that'd be really dumb!"

    To summarize, when you switch to a new rig, the current pedal position becomes the new toe heel position.

    Hello Benvigil,

    I agree with Sam. You may have mis-read Robrecht's previous post, which I think is a nice summary of how the continuous control pedal / Morphing feature works when switching rigs. I hope you don't take offense, but I edited your quote to make correction. In order for this system to work smoothly, when switching rigs, the morph feature must reinitialize the the CC pedal to act as if it is in it's minimum (heel) position.

    So, using an example, let's suppose the pedal was at 60% (0% = heel, 100% = toe) when switching to a new rig.

    It the pedal is moved further back towards the heel, say to 30%, no change occurs...since the KPA currently recognizes that the pedal is already in the minimum (heel) position when the Rig was switched (with the pedal at 60% position).

    However, if the pedal is instead moved forward, towards the toe position, the KPA reacts and treats the CC pedal as if the remaining 40% physical range is the full range of the pedal (from heel to toe). So, things happen more quickly.

    If I understand things correctly, the KPA does not reinitialize the morph range until the CC pedal has hit the full toe (or heel) limit position. Once it does, the CC pedal now controls the morph feature through the physical CC pedal's full range.


  • In case anyone's missed the bleedin' obvious:

    This behaviour ensures that no parameters involved jump unnaturally to new values when you touch or move your control pedal.

    In my experience, as basic a need as this behaviour is, attention to detail in virtually every other product I've owned hasn't been sufficient to have addressed this issue. This goes for synths and all other gear sporting control knobs or sliders, or devices that can be controlled externally as well.

    In fact, I can't think of a single device that scales a reduced range on the fly this way.

    Bravo, Kemper Team!™ 8o

  • All of this is why I love the way Kemper does things. On the one hand, the impatience drives you mad. Consider, if they were able to demo the morphing at NAMM, then they clearly gave themselves a least a little room for issues so that they would show up with a working feature. If it's working as it should in the NaMM demo, and the Kemper on display is just a stock kemper, which just loaded a kaos.bin file, how much time does it take to load the file on their website and make available? It's been a week. I can attach a file to an email in 30 seconds. I can't think making a small file like that available on a website would take that long.

    However, that's because even though it's probably all ready to go, they are doing all sorts of tests and making sure. because the don't want their valued customers, many of whom are serious pros, to download this thing and run into a bunch of glitches. So they are being really cautious, and their attention to detail is why glitches and bugs on this thing are so rare and insignificant when they do

  • They need to squeeze in the ability to assign Morph Targets to each of the top row buttons to activate a morph target or "scene"... that'd be way more useful than the toggle limits we have today on that button row. regardless off what state the rig is in... hit a button and morph to that target

  • I won't be waiting, I already know what I'll do once I got OS4, I"m gonna plug my exp pedal, dial my favorite profiles ( the ones that have a fantastic gain course) setup my rhythm tone (crunchy, transparent & brilliant) then morph to a tight lead driven tone with full punch and a hint of tape delay , and play with all the steps between , while adjusting the treble, bass , definition and clarity. I have a clear plan in my mind , and I'll let hear the results ASAP.

    I'd also like to make a cello like rig , using the same technics but for a swell attack :)

    I'm sure it will be a fantastic tool for the all the artists & musicians out there !