The EDITOR Thread - What should the Editor do?

  • With the latest version, I believe that performance management has matured and can be considered robust. what's the issue you are facing?

    Thanks GS. Functionalities are actually quite good, but the bugs are driving me crazy. Some have been consistently reported, such as the name of a slot changing when you paste it, or some performances missing the author's name. some others seem random and hard to even describe (let alone report), since you don't ever have a clue about what has happened. I have had slot changing their sound (actually as if it was a different slot) and other issues.
    The perspective of working on a song program before a concert and have things messed up makes me quite nervous...

    I hope there's a consistent flow of reports towards you guys, so that you can quickly work things out. As someone has said, I too prefer a stable environment before new functionalities are implemented.

  • Functionalities are actually quite good, but the bugs are driving me crazy.

    please take the latest version available of both rig manager and the profiler OS. let us know what's still not working reliably by emailing support. we have worked on the naming thing among other issues and i believe that those should be fixed now.

  • Thanks GS, I am on and, if I am not wrong I should be up to date.

    I'll try again and work on some things, and will certainly report again in case of further issues.
    Of course, one of the problems is that it's hard for the user to realize whether any possible issue is generated from the KPA, the computer or RM.

  • GString

    Here follow three things that have been happening here since the beginning with the latest FW\SW versions:

    I have a Performance with slot 1 (Clean) and Slot 4 (Dist) full.
    I select a clean with chorus (CleanCh, located in my PC) through RM and d&d it in slot 2 (2-window method).
    When I play it, slot 2 is labelled CleanCh but sounds like slot 4, which is correctly labelled Dist; slot 4 sounds like slot 2 should (that is, a clan with a chorus). They have kept their labels but sound like each other.

    I copy a slot's content through the mouse's right button and paste it in a different slot. The slot in the new location gets labelled according to the Rig's name, and the original slot's name is lost.
    It's irrelevant whether pasting is performed in the same performance or in a different one.

    I create a new performance from RM, and paste onto Slot 1 a clean rig taken from another performance. The label is correctly kept, but the new slot sounds like the Default Crunch sound. If I save the performance, the label changes to Crunch.

    Win 7 SP1 64 bit, all updated Kemper-side.

    Note: I had already sent a backup to support, advising about the aforementioned issues among others. Not sure about starting the whole support request again.
    Nevertheless, I forwarded this post to them.

    HTH... you guys and myself ;)

  • Sharry - i can comment on things which available (performance mode). i'm happy to help and put things on lists once i understand that there's something we can do better.
    but as for what the future might bring. you and Inthrutheout need to understand that we do not comment on it. we just don't. and we are not up for discussing the reasons why either.

    Being a business owner myself, I totally understand this position.

    As for Gianfranco's question:
    I'd like to see RM evolve further into a more complex database tool that will also help to save/rename/sort/load effect presets and cabs. I treat the Kemper as an amp and none of my amps came with an editor nor does the designer has plans to develop an editor to turn the gain knob from my pc.

  • Greetings All

    I have built a Native Instruments Reaktor ensemble that allows some basic control of the Kemper via MIDI. My Kemper (rack module) is not within convenient reach while practicing and I got board with the limitations of my MIDI foot controller. This is my initial cut after about 2 hours of "discovery" and pouring through the Profiler MIDI Parameter Documentation. This version gives you the ability to do the following: Browse Rigs (up and down increments) turn Stomps, and Effects on and off, open and close the Tuner, send Tap Tempo, Delay and Reverb settings, and some detailed Amplifier settings. This is my first cut (version 1.0), and I plan to add more features based on the "Parameter Lists" (pp 4-11 of the Profiler MIDI Parameter Documentation). I would like to get feedback from the Kemper community prior to make further additions.

    Cheers! :D