Mesa Boogie MarkIIC+

  • @djemass: Shit happens. You're a true gentleman, so I don't think anybody is blaming you.
    Stay active in the forums as your contributions are always helpful and valid.


    So glad you're back already, Gerald. You're a star of the community as far as I'm concerned, and we need you!

    I don't know how I missed this thread until now, and I feel really bad that I wasn't here to pump up your tyres when you most needed it, mate. Please forgive me and my incompetence.

    I assume that pack 2.7 and anything beyond that will appear / reappear when the time is right? I'm a little behind and am only up to 2.4.1. No pressure at all - just keen not to miss out on your latest and greatest efforts man. I'll watch this thread like a hawk now that I've found it.

    Everyone together now: Welcome back Gerald, hang in there mate, and we all love you man!

  • Awesome, mate.

    Thank you so much for pressing on. Not only is it the best thing for you to do for yourself IMHO, but it's the best thing for all of us too. A double-whammy deed, dude. Woohoo!

    Thank you once again, Gerald!