New low and medium gain profiles (FD Profiles)

  • Hi,

    Today I am proud to present my new website for low and medium gain profiles. Starting with 7 great amps, including some awesome vintage amps. And more to follow....
    Almost every amp is profiled with several microphone combinations. Every microphone combination includes several gain levels, because more gain on the amp sounds different than more gain on the Kemper. Professional preamps and mixer are used for profiling (eg Neve, Chandler, API).

    Please have a look at and like us on Facebook:

    Have fun and let me know what you think!


  • The prices are based on the uniqueness of the amps and you get different microphone combinations. It takes a lot of time to do this;)

    The Vibrolux starts at volume level 3 and goes up to level 7 (sometimes more) in steps of 1. It starts clean and you get a lot of different chunch levels.
    The Princeton has volume levels 3,4,5,6,8 and 10 in most series, which starts clean. You get 5 different microphone combinations plus DI.

  • I may start with one pack and see how they sound in a mix. That 1974x looks tempting.

    Based on the descriptions, these profiles are straight up amp tone: no effects baked into them like drives or boosters. Is that accurate?

    Also, do you add any effects after the fact to make these "gig ready" (like verb, delay, etc.) or are these blank slates?


  • I may start with one pack and see how they sound in a mix. That 1974x looks tempting.

    Based on the descriptions, these profiles are straight up amp tone: no effects baked into them like drives or boosters. Is that accurate?

    Also, do you add any…

    No effects like drives or boosters included in the current profiles. You get the amp tone as pure as possible. No KPA effects are on by default. So it really is the amp, the mic and the preamp you hear.

  • I really like the Valco samples but I need more. Either much more then a single profile per guitar or a demo that I can try. I think for this amount of money you need to deliver more samples. I have a butt load of great profiles and while I'm tempted to get buy it, its too big a risk for 20 euro. The market is so crowed right now with solid profilers... My 2 cents : ) I wish you the best and I hope to be a costumer soon...

  • This afternoon I compiled an introduction pack with 15 profiles. It is available for the very friendly price of €7,50. The pack contains 1 or 2 profiles selected from all available amp packs. As a bonus I included 2 more profiles I made from the unmodified 69 Plexi I'm working on now. The 69 pack will be released soon.

    I hope this makes it easier to try FD Profiles products.
    The pack will be available for a limited time, so grab it while you can ;)

    If you have any more questions, please let me know.

  • thank you very much for this intro pack.. beautiful RAW low and mid gain profiles.. I like them all except 69 Plexi S2 J V48 which is a bit dark to me.. I tried them with humbuckers and then humbuckers switched into single coils.. excellent sounds with both pickups.. cannot decide which one is better.. do not need any kind of tweaking.. like them as they are with everything switched off.. it is possible to switch on Vintage chorus in MOD section and slight Pure boost in STOMPS section.. obviously reverb and delay.. all very nice and useable..

    very curious what will others say about these profiles.. I do not regret 1 cent of this 7,50 Euro payment ;)

  • ufff.. I could not resist and bought the whole packs: VALCO and COLONIAL.. profiles of both are quite impossible to find on the Rig Exchange.. and maybe also by commercial sellers.. (from Okstrat I have only 2 profiles of Valco)

    what to say? sometimes really very subtle differences but I do not feel like deleting even 1 profile from all.. I have scrolled through all of them and always liked very much what I was hearing.. both amps has sooooo nice and unique distortion!! the "cleans" (which was the main reason I bought Colonial based on 2 samples from Intro pack) are simply phenomenal!

    and now tempted to buy AC10.. impossible to find on Rig Exchange also.. the sample profile from the Intro pack is Killer.. ufuf.. :)

  • Hallan, you absolutely understand what I'm trying to achieve with my profiles! Thanks for your compliments!

    In my experience the character of an amp changes slightly when you change the amount of gain or overdrive. This is something the Kemper can't emulate, because it's different for each amp. It's one of the things I try to capture. Furthermore I use different microphone combinations, which also give a different character. In some case you can give some special effect which is awesome. I use the Reslo microphone to get some real vintage vibe in the profiles. Valco S2 series is done with the Reslo.

    You won't regret the AC-10. The typical Vox chimes are there. But also a real Beatles and Kinks sound with the Reslo microfone. the AC-10 was all original, with original caps and even the original valves. The 2 Elac speakers were also original. In some profiles, you can hear the paper of the speaker working, if you listen carefully.

    Now I am working on an almost original 69 Plexi. I understand you don't like the V48 profile. The 48 means that the left channel was on 4 and the right channel on 8. Both channels jumped together. The right channel is really dark. But in the pack there will be plenty of profiles you will like...:)

    After the Plexi something really special will be next. You're going to love it. If you're curious, please follow my facebook page. I will show it there, before I make an announcement here. :)

  • i think i will buy some packs too
    the diff vol settings is the one way to catch an amp really, thats a very good idea
    i would like to have some more <fender cleans from princeton reverb, deluxe reverb
    and vibrolux, any chance ?? for a clean fender pack ?

  • any chance ?? for a clean fender pack ?

    More Fenders will follow. But I don't know when and I can only make promises for a Clapton Vibrochamp (which is awesome) and a Tweed Deluxe RI. A clean pack is not what I'm thinking of (but if there is more demand, I could change my mind;)) In the future a Fender pack might be possible. But still, this might be at least 3 months from now. The way I do my profiling takes a lot of time (and money;)).

    If you like some different cleans, I would recommend the Princeton pack. You get 5 different microphone combinations; also some unusual ones which work very well. Of course the basic character of the Princeton will always be there.

  • I the only one who loves these profiles? ;)

    ps: so, bought also AC10 and Princeton (AC10 none on RE, Princeton very few on RE).. like them all... humbuckers or singlecoils it doesn´t matter.. always sounds amazing to me! :)

  • Seems nice!! i will check out the demos tonight! I am mainly a clean player, and the most of the cleans I have tryed to match the Fenderish sounds are dull and not twangy enaugh or they get kind of hard sounding with to little headroom!

    Its a lot easyer to get nice destorted sounds and HB sounds than clean singlecoil sounds