Volume Pedal Question

  • Hi there,

    I'm very new to the Kemper so this might be a newbie question...

    I got the Mission Engineering KP-1 expression pedal to use it as a wah and volume pedal at once.
    I figured out how to get the pedal to work as a volume pedal when no wah effect is engaged and controlling the wah when it is engaged.
    So far so good. But now I have one issue which i can't get solved.

    I want the volume pedal to work as a global volume pedal so that when the volume is set to 0 it stays on 0 even when i change rigs.
    Now it jumps up to full volume when i change the rig.

    This works fine when the expression pedal is just used as a volume pedal. But does it also work with the wah/volume combination?

    This is very important to me because I use the volume pedal as my master volume or mute button.

    Thanks for your help!!


  • Not sure if that helps. But did you lock your volume pedal?
    I think, in principle, it should work as you described. The volume pedal is an addition to the other controls, so it does not make sense to me, that it "forgets" its position, when switching rigs...
    Does it work, when you use it only as volume? If so, please report your issue to the service. There seem to be more than one bug in the "dual use" case ;)

  • The fact that the value for the volume returns to the setting that was stored for the rig when you switch from a wah rig to a non wah rig with linked pedals is not a bug but intended behaviour.
    Here is a quote from the manual:
    The Profiler automatically prevents volume dips when switching from a “Wah Pedal” Rig to a “Volume Pedal” Rig, so
    you will need to reset the pedal after the Rig change by first pressing it to toe position. Once you have done this, you
    will be able to smoothly fade the volume back to where you want it.

  • That makes sense...
    If you switch from a wah rig to a volume rig, it probably makes sense, to have the volume default setting.
    But if you switch from a volume rig to another volume rig?
    I think that was the question from the TO?

  • The background of this intended behaviour is, that the volume is set to a defined and secure value (max), when you switch to a rig with active wah, where the volume cannot be controlled.

    It might appear as a trap when you set the volume to zero, then switch zo a wah rig and hear nothing - not even the wah moving.

    Can you think of an advantageous situation where the wah rigs are at max volume, but the non-wah-rigs are at the lower volume set by the pedal? Would this make sense?

  • Thank you for your answer: And no, that does not make sense, but the way I wanted to set it up is like this:
    - Wah on all rigs in slot A
    - Wah off on all rigs
    - Rhythm volume at heel down position on the Mission engineering EP1.
    - Solo volume at toe position.
    - Kick on the wah with the on/off button of the mision engineering EP1

    I understand now that this way of setting up is not possible and that I need a second pedal to use as a dedicated volume pedal. And that is no problem. :)

  • I do not like this intended behaviour at all. I'd very much prefer to have the volume frozen at the position set by the pedal, when a wah rig is selected. Or, if that is not possible in the software, set to max volume, because the wah rig is chosen for soloing most of the time anyway.

    It is much easier to learn that you should not set the pedal to zero before selecting a wah rig than resetting the volume pedal every time you change the rig in order to make it functional again. That is the situation we have now. It is really bad if you are using a global volume pedal to adjust the volume either for comping or soloing like I do.

    I cannot even use a second pedal for the wah because the second analog jack is occupied by the two-way momentary switch I am using to move to rigs up or down. The dual switch and the pedal is all I can accomodate on the floor in front of the mic stand.

  • Quote

    It might appear as a trap when you set the volume to zero, then switch zo a wah rig and hear nothing - not even the wah moving.

    Can you think of an advantageous situation where the wah rigs are at max volume, but the non-wah-rigs are at the lower volume set by the pedal? Would this make sense?

    I want to reassert: For those who use a global master volume pedal that would definitely make more sense than the current behaviour. I have very few wah rigs and dozens of volume rigs on my KPA. This is what the Wah to Vol.Pedal option is meant for, isn't it? But I cannot use it as long as every rig I select starts at maximum volume.

    In the KPA software it should be easy to tell a wah rig from a volume rig. Avoiding the supposed 'trap' should be a breeze.

  • I think that the "wah/volume" pedal is a great option but, at the same time, it is necessarily a compromise. Whatever solution you adopt, some people will be happy with it, some will not.
    I have decided to use a separate volume pedal in front of KPA and two expression pedals for everything else (including the new morph...).

  • I'm confused about the volume pedal. Does the volume pedal take up an FX slot like you have to do with the wah pedal? I'm hoping you don;t have to do it this way, but can't see a way to do it. It would be great to not even have to have the wah take up good FX space in rigs.

  • The pedal goes into one of the SWITCH / PEDAL jacks on the backside. It can either act as wah or volume pedal. Select the function on the SYSTEM screen. If you select wah you may also chose the the WahPedal to Vol. option on the RIG screen, so that you have a volume pedal if the wah is not used in a rig, or the wah pedal if it is. That's what this thread is about.

  • I'll think about a solution.

    Now, I stumbled over the same problem:
    I have:
    One pedal
    One rig without wah (wah to vol ticked -> pedal works as volume attenuator: 0db at toe, -6db at heal)
    One rig with wah at solo volume (0db)

    I like this setup, as I can adapt volume of the non-solo-rig for rythm dynamically and can even get a solo volume without effects if I want to.
    If I switch to solo rig, I get the solo effects plus wah pedal at solo volume. Could be perfect, but:

    If I know switch back to my rig(s) without wah (pedal acts as volume pedal), the volume is at 0db first. I have to move the pedal twice, to get the desired volume.

    I prefer, to get what I see on my pedal board: If I see my pedal at toe position, I would expect max volume. If I see my pedal at heal position, I would expect attenuated signal.
    Right now, I dont get, what I see... Pedal can be at heal position but has 0db... Not good ;)

    Christoph, you said you will think about it? Could you please share your thoughts so far? Do I misunderstand something or am I doing something "stupid/wrong"?
    In prniciple, I always would prefer the "WISIWIG"-solution (what I see is what I get)...

    BTW: I experienced this with FW4.03
    All the best

  • Sorry guys,

    I thought this thread would be dead....

    but good to know that I'm not the only one who wants to have things operating as they look in front of you.

    I don't like to press the volume pedal twice to make it work...

    for me it would make most sense if the pedal would work this way:

    It's a global volume pedal. Now when you activate the wah effect by pressing the volume pedal switch in toe position volume is set to max (as the pedal is in toe position) and the pedal is now acting as a wah pedal. When you press the switch again the wah effect is deactivated but volume is still set to max (as the pedal is in toe position again when you press the switch) from there on you can set the volume of your rig if you like or just let it on max volume and don't have to do nothing. If you have the volume pedal in min position and change rigs it stays in min position because it is acting as a global volume pedal - so you could use it as a muting function.

    But as you guys said, this seems not to be possible. (At least at the moment)

    Thank you!

  • I just want to chime in here and say that I was negatively affected by this behaviour during a performance, where I was supposed to swell into the first chord of the song but since the volume was already on max, the swell became more like a slam! It was not appreciated by my bosses since we were on live television!

  • Same problem here. The 'Wah pedal to vol' option has been a nice idea but doesn't really cut it as long as volume goes to 100% with each rig change.

    I do hope that Christoph's thoughts one day will result in the solution we all hope for: If there is no wahwah in the rig let the pedal act like a volume pedal does, that is leave the volume as set by the pedal. If there is a wahwah set volume to 100%. Should be easy for the programmer to find out if there is a wahwah in the rig or not and let the firmware act accordingly.

    I am really waiting for that ... until that day the 'Wah pedal to vol' option makes no sense for me.

  • has been release and the release notes contains this:
    - changed: If WahPedal >Volume is activated, pedal volume is maintained during Rig changes and doesn’t require to be picked up at toe position after Rig change any more.

    I just installed the update and it works just perfect.
    Thank you Mr. ckemper!