Spring Reverb

  • I'm a big surf guitar fan and I use a real spring tube tank fender unit placed after the guitar and before the input.
    Amps with built in spring reverbs have a much more soft and polite tone. A spring tank in front like Dick Dale use is a completely different tone and experience. I like both spring reverb methods (pre and post) because they are both very important depending on what music and sound that is desired.

    I've tried many digital spring reverbs and compared with the spring tank and one of the best is the Topanga pedal, the Boss FRV-1 is an ok lower budget solution. For DAW plugins I like the Amplitube spring and Springage by overloud. I've not yet tried the strymon.
    Many companies have spring emulations but it's often the important details like the correct splash and boing, eq and drive that makes them fall short when compared to the real deal. The spring reverbs from multieffects like Line6, Fractal Axe fx and Digitech don't impress me when I compare.