Connectivity Question to Friedman ASM-12

  • Hello. I have read the manual but I'm still confused. The ASM-12 has an XLR input connection and I would only have 1 (not 2). I have a Powered Kemper Profiler so I understand that I would turn the powered option off and I assumed I would go from the Monitor out into the powered FRFR but there is no XLR connection in the Monitor Out area. Do I use the Main Output and just the Left XLR output connection? I just can't figure this out with your help.

    Thank you.


  • The "real" XLR connection will be more silent and more robust. This might not be meaningful at all, specially if the cable length is small. It might make a difference for connections longer than say 9 m, specially if the environment is electrotechnically "noisy".

  • Yeah mine is spot on too. I generally run mine out from the main out L and also R to the desk in master mono output mode. Set main Output volume to 15 db and that a perfect signal to the desk and you can you the volume on the Friedman for monitoring yourself on stage if you don't mind paying in mono live. Should be more than enough volume available if using as a wedge on front of you.