Ethics and kemper! henning pauly with his axe in the throat

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    Making a large amount of money in music without being a superstar is a thing that came and went.


    There was a time when I could buy a half dozen tube amps and three top class guitars from my friend the best luthier in the region.But this has passed and the appearence of "grunge" and techno,gangster rap etc has more to do with it than even the downfall of the music industry which was a scam anyway.Even for the "superstars".I remember like it was just yesterday that in the late 90s/early 2000 when I did not even dare to play a solo..

    Did we complain back then;No.We continued playing guitar,buidling up our own studios,giving lessons or even went to the next bar selling beers at night..because we loved music more than anything else.Anyone who is older than 30 remembers this "dark age":

    Again..we did not complain.We just moved forward.

  • Gosh, I am exhausted ... I must admit that I stopped the second video after 75% of its total length. My head aches.

    Well ... I respect his point of view, as it is his very own PERSONAL opinion. In his world he is 100% right and that´s good. And I don´t mean this cynical ...

    However ... with all this YOJO stuff he apparently owns, he is as "inconsistent" as the KPA owners he wants to bring back to the right path. The YOJO pedals are all copies of "originals". The various forums are full with traced YOJO schematics that verify that e.g. the "Vintage Overdrive" is a TS-808 clone, the "Ultimate Overdirve" is a Fulltone OCD copy (which is said to be based on Jack Orman´s "Shaka Bradda" Overdrive pedal) or the "Vintage Phase" is an MXR Phase 90 (the list goes on and on ...). Most of them copied in the usual Chinese "nonchalant" kind of way (which doesn´t justify them to be more "acceptable" as a better sounding KPA), but they´re copies, sold for a bargain price compared to the originals and of course in his point of view should also be an utter disrespect.

    An Analogman "King of Tone" is two Marshall Bluesbreaker pedals in series with a switchable diode clipping section. The latter is the only "non-original" bit, yet a very common circuit.

    Jim Marshall´s (who was a drummer and music shop owner, not an electronic engineer) first amps (JTM 45) were based on the Fender Bassman.

    Where do you draw the line ?!

    I refuse to believe that - although certainly in the 5-digit sale range by now - the KPA has such an impact on the market. Perhaps large volume manufacturers might notice a drop in sales in the very low 1-figure percentage range due to products like the KPA, AXE-FX or the Line-6 stuff but the small volume boutique builder will not be affected.
    Of course one can´t make a fortune from a handful of handbuild amps per month, but I know component prices and despite invested "R&D" time and money, there is still some profit to be made per amp.

    Last but not least. I don´t think the KPA is the end of the tube amp. Too many of us (incl. me) are still fascinated by the old tube amp and will always be.

  • i think his goal is to get attention in the guitar and amp community
    we should stop talking about him, cause he knows nothing
    thats the best to stop this foolish charade

    I fully agree.
    And I refuse to let guys like *that guy* impose any ethical consideration unto myself as a Kemper user.
    This is quite childish really.

  • I hammered into this guy on Facebook...he wasn't very happy with me. :)

    I forced him to concede that he's played the Kemper 3 times each time through headphones.

    Sure has a lot to say for someone who's never plugged a Kemper into studio monitors, a PA or a Poweramp/Cab.
    Imagine reviewing tube amps through headphones...

    The guy is clearly an attention seeker, and as for this hold on a moment whilst I take a sip of my coffee BS...I called him "Almost famous", he wasn't impressed. :)

  • My experience was basically the total opposite.

    Loved a profile of a ToneKing Sky King so much I actually arranged to get one of the real amps sent to a local store, spent some time putting it through its paces, and ended up purchasing it. Had never even heard of Tone King amplifiers before I stumbled across the profile, but now I'm a huge fan of almost everything in their line.

    The Kemper basically gave Tone King a sale that they would never have gotten otherwise.

  • Well, people will inevitably talk and badmouth if a new technology is starting to become a real threat.

    They get cliffitis. :D

    The key to everything is patience.
    You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.
    -- Arnold H. Glasow

    If it doesn't produce results, don't do it.

    -- Me

  • Probably, all the views generated by Kemper owners watching the first video made it seem like a good idea to make another one, and get more hits on the YouTube page ;)

    I watched one minute! Sorry but that is non watchable. If that counts as a watch on youtube then I'm guilty because it's criminal watching such junk.

  • In the below article are lot of relevant comments from the actual manufacturers of amps, modellers & Kemper on status of analog amps, their sales and digital:…e-of-the-amp-stack-625262

    For example this from Marshall rep:
    Mike Cahill (Marshall): "I don’t think that guitarists using technology to find new ways to perform means the end of the stack, any more than the synthesiser was the end of rock ’n’ roll, or television meant the end of cinema.

    "In fact, one could argue that guitarists could have it both ways. With the advent of profiling, semi-pro and pro players can, of course, take all of their amp sounds on the road in electronic form and still crank it on stage - a profiled sound smashing it out of a wall of Marshall stacks? Why the hell not? There are Marshall artists who are already doing this: Matt Bellamy, for example."

  • I get the impression that this guy is:

    sharing the the opinions of the manufacturers who's amps he posseses on a limited perception of the effects of distuptive technology;

    confusing the ball game on IP, in that people don't buy the sound an amp makes, just the amp;

  • 8o He also makes people look at him in a strange way - a bit like me actually... YouTube pooper perhaps. I also note he was very careful not to piss off either helix or axefx... Afraid of law suits perhaps? I'm sure he's played a Kemper ( and probably secretly liked it a lot)

  • Could you imagine how many CO2 the amp industry produced for building amps?
    So kpa saved the environment. Many amps in one little box.
    Kemper saves the world.
    Think green and dont listen to idiots!

    And this is indeed a valid ethical consideration.
    Danke, Frank! ;)

  • Enough being said about this guy's attitude already.

    The (ab)use of the return policy is a debate of its own and has nothing to do with technology. The general conflict is that people pretend to have a buy interest when their actual interest is borrowing a certain item. Women buy dresses/shoes online all the time, wear them on one occasion with the tags still being attached but put on the inside and return them sometimes without even cleaning them. This is a well know behavior of people - it has nothing to do with the technical evolution of the Kemper.
    People have been returning items forever - the only thing that has changed is - you can do it anonymously through the internet now, which makes the cheating easier, because you don't have to lie to someone in person and look him in the eye when you return what you intended to "borrow" all along.

    New technology has always rivaled and in many cases replaced old and established technology. Examples have been given here too.

    The BIAS of this guy is so obvious. The real threat for amp builders are modelers and plug-ins, because you don't need any amp at all to run these things. The Kemper needs an amp to generate a profile. And it creates a snapshot of a certain sound at a certain time. It's not a replicator.
    Michael Wagener makes a good point of that in the comments section.

    Our guy of course doesn't mind using plug-ins at all.

    "Ethical" is a big word and I doubt that it is the proper term in this context anyway, but if you want to think big, then you cannot care about something so small as an amp manufacturer. There is only so much money available to be spent on the music industries' products and in the big picture it doesn't matter at all, whether it goes to Marshall, Line6 or Kemper.

    On an even bigger picture, hypothetically - one could argue that the Kemper is a very social and ethical device, because it helps sharing knowledge, sounds and technology, that poor musicians and amateurs otherwise couldn't afford. Please don't kill me for this example - this is not my view on things - just saying ...

    I wonder what this guy's true agenda really is!

  • Now we have video number 3 which should most probably have been video number 1...except on this video his coffee is too hot.

    He thinks the world wants him to find a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

    Listen to this nonsense.

  • I also think he's trying to overinflate a problem one or two manufacturers might have suggested be the reason for their drop in sales. A typical philosophy to make a theory and then provide anecdotal data in support of it. Also very good at name dropping...

  • Ha, seat position changes, think he only wants to show us his room.
    But why did he post not only the room with backingtrack. He can record one with a kpa very quick without micing time!