Yamaha DSR112 - Help with settings

  • Hi, all. The Yamaha DSR112 just arrived today. I have waited for it since last Wednesday. Today, it arrived. I had Guidorist profiles ready and my Les Paul decked with new strings.

    First chord came. Dammit. Doesn't sound as good the Rockerverb MKIII I just sold. It was Guidorist's Road Queen profile BTW. Been listening to his profiles' demo on YouTube all last week and I was sure the profiles sounded better on my Xperia Z5 than my Orange did.

    What am I doing wrong? Below are what my settings were more or less.


    Line Level
    D-contour off
    Hpf off
    Volume: 9 o'clock (half way to peak)
    Just used a guitar cable running from left Main of Kemper to connect.


    Pure Cab: 5.5
    Master Volume: 5
    Output: Master Left or Main Mono
    I never turned cab simulations off.

    Is there a magic button somewhere?


  • I've got stacks of DSRs (118w/115/112) in my PA and have used the DSR112s a lot with the Kemper. It does tend to be boomy as a wedge especially on moderate volume, but sounds excellent on a stick or stacked on top of something in a backline. I have used it as a wedge connected to monitor-out on the Kemper, but find that I have to cut back a bit on the lower frequencies on the monitor-out EQ to make it work. The DSR112 is an excellent FOH top. It packs a serious punch and is IMHO overkill as a monitor. At that price-point you're very close to the cost of a Dynacord AXM 12A or the Atomic CLR which both are more versatile and forgiving wrt placement.

  • Thanks Heldal. I have read your reply in another thread before.

    At the moment, mine is sitting on top of a light small circular coffee table. The sticks are being delivered.

    I guess as I'm new to Kemper it would be great if someone can confirm my set-up.

  • I only had a couple of hours with mine before I had to take off. I had the same experience with boomyness and not really getting the sound right at all. I cleaned it up quite a bit I think it was the hpf on the back & then there's another switch back there it seems that cut a lot of the lows. (sorry I'm not much help being away from it). I also improved it quite a bit with the "studio EQ" in the KPA. I still didn't get it quite there so I'll be watching to see when you find that magic button.

  • At the moment, mine is sitting on top of a light small circular coffee table.

    Upright on a sturdy table should be ok if you are sitting in front of the speaker. The tweeter on PA tops isn't designed for great vertical dispersion.

    Try to connect monitor-out to the DSR112, compare the sound to what you get in a decent pair of cans and use the EQ on the profilers monitor-out to adjust.

    Btw; one thing I forgot above is that the DSR112 needs to have the HPF enabled if you use it as a wedge. That should not be necessary if it is standing upright.

  • I had it upright and the HPF helped a lot. Thanks heldal for the monitor eq tip. Guess I've got quite a bit to learn about the KPA. If I can get it to sound anywhere close through the DSR112 to the headphones I'll be thrilled.

  • Love my DSR. Would guess you have your profiles tweaked for the headphones which are usually nowhere near flat. The DSR is fairly flat and super loud. Just a warning. I have developed tinnitis with 2 half hour sessions with this thing full up.

    Deadpan. I have not used the Kemper with headphones as I just got it pretty much. To.be honest, I thought a high quality FRFR meant there's no need to adjust as whatever the publisher wants you to hear will be faithfully reproduced. Anyhow, I am using the DSR112 at bedroom volume...maybe that's my problem?

  • Update.

    Kemper sounding very nice now that I've learn to add more mids than noon.

    I have also found the profiles I like. Further, I've probably got used to not having amp in the room feel. I now sound just like the records?