Silly Newby Question - Ground Lift Switch

  • My excuses for this silly question, want to make sure.
    I have put my KPA Rack (non powered) in a rack, and as a result, can not touch the ground lift buttons.
    My assumption is that, as a default, I should not have them pushed in. Can someone conform me that this assumption is right?
    (I understand it is better if you cab use them selectively in case of ground hum)

  • It does''t matter how you use it: If you experience hum try the ground lift.
    And your assumption is right, by default ground is not lifted.
    That said, I don't think it's a good idea to put the Profiler in a rack and have absolutely no access to its back panel.
    You may want to push a ground lift depending on the lovation you play in, or use additional connections, etc.

  • Hi
    Sorry to hijack your thread but I also have a noob's question about the Ground lift.
    I know I need to keep at least one ground lift unpushed to prevent any electrical damage, but does it have to be on an output which is physically used? So for instance if I use only the monitor out output, I can't I use the monitor out ground lift, can I?