Selecting performances quickly

  • Imagine you need to select a performance by its name among 50+ performances stored in the KPA. You’re on stage and the audience is waiting. So be quick. But how?

    No way. You may scroll through performances using the Rig buttons or the TYPE knob. That takes too long though. Obviously each performance has to be loaded before its name is displayed. Speeding up will possibly let you skip the very performance you’re searching for.

    The KPA user interface is inconsistent in Performance Mode in that it misuses the TYPE knob to let you browse through performances. That could be done better and in a more consistent way. So here is my feature request:

    In Performance Mode please establish another type: ‚PERFORMANCES‘. Select that type by default. Let us use the BROWSER knob to browse through performances. Display the performance names in the same way the rig names are displayed while browsing through the rigs.

    Selecting a performance on the fly would be much easier then.

  • Imagine you are on stage and you have ordered your performances from 1 to 50+ according to your playlist... the game is done!!!
    This is how you have to organize your performances: differently from rigs mode, the performance mode is meant to follow your gig on stage.
    If I use the same tone in many songs, I save it in many performances, exactly in the sequence that I need it.
    I hope my poor English language has been clear enough... ;-)

  • because in my cover bands we switch songs in a set quite often. Do to requests, audience demographics.. I have all songs for each band I play with, on my iPad using SetList Manager.
    The songs are in alphabetical order and very easy to pull up I have Setlist manger set up to send the midi PC for the start of each song when I recall it.
    l no longer have to step through banks of performances and slots when someone makes a request
    much less remember presets for 150+ songs

  • Thank you for answering. I do know the workarounds. I am using a dual footswitch and a volume pedal, and that's it. There is no room on the floor for MIDI gear or the Remote, since I have a mic stand in front of me. I do organize performances according to the planned songlist, of course.

    Nevertheless, there is an issue in that the user interface is not consistent and does not allow you to browse through performances like you may browse through rigs. It seems to care more for musicians experimenting with the rigs than performing for an audience.

    Those who share my thoughts please like the original posting so that the request has a chance to be noticed one day.