Public Beta available

  • Please perform a backup before you upgrade to 4.0!

    Rig Manager revision 1.5.40 is required!

    Rigs, Performances, Presets, and Snapshots created under this operating system are only downward compatible with operating system 3.3.0 Build 11973, but not with elder operating systems!

    This operating system introduces the following new features and fixes:


    added: Morphing (demonstration Rigs enclosed in this upgrade package and available as Morphing Demo Rig Pack)
    added: multiple delay effects supported in one Rig
    fixed: crackles while editing Pure Cabinet in combination with Space
    fixed: loud noise during shutdown
    fixed: Panorama parameter in Rig menu
    fixed: initialization of Amplifier Volume in Profiling Mode

    User Interface

    added: Strobe Tuner with “cent” display replacing Bubble Level Tuner
    added: new subpage “Button Assignments” on page “Remote Settings” in System Menu allows to assign alternative functions to Remote’s TAP, TUNER, and LOOPER buttons
    added: function Looper Button 1 (Record/Playback/Overdub) and 2 (Stop) as well as Morph Button can be assigned to external switches and Remote’s TAP, TUNER, LOOPER
    added: Morph Pedal and pedal nodes “MorphPedal to Wah” and “MorphPedal to Pitch” combined with other pedal node selections on new System menu page “Pedal Links”
    added: parameter Mix in all Distortion effects enabling Morphing
    added: QUICK button can be used to simulate Morphing.
    added: Vibrato effect now features Ducking
    added: relative addressing via MIDI CC 50-54 also functional in Browse Mode
    changed: MIDI CC 48/49 in Browse Mode value 0 +/- 1 Rig, value 1 +/-5 Rigs, value 2 first/last of next higher/lower bank of five
    changed: “Tap Delay”, “Free Delay”, and “Analog Delay” are consolidated into one Delay Type called “Legacy Delay”. Former Rigs and Presets will automatically be migrated to this new type without any tonal changes.
    changed: Pure Cabinet activated at level 3.0 by default
    changed: “Loop Level Adjust” renamed to “FX Loop Adjust”
    changed: “Voice Mix” parameter of pitch shifters renamed to “Voice Balance”
    changed: the term “Beat Scanner” replacing “Beat Detection” in Profiler user interface
    changed: parameter Volume completely migrated from Cabinet into Amplifier Module
    changed: parameter Detune in pitch shifters converted into a bipolar parameter. Thus, positive and negative values can be dialed.
    changed: Output Section cannot be locked anymore, which was meaningless anyhow
    changed: Performance Load “Pending” without automatic timeout; exit via Remote’s “LOOPER”, “TUNER” and “TAP” buttons, Profiler’s EXIT button, MIDI CC# 30 and 31
    changed: TYPE now working as preselection in Performance Mode
    changed: Rig Autoload activated by default
    changed: edit buffer gets cleared during upgrades, and default Rig “Crunch” appears after restart.
    fixed: audio now muted during firmware upgrade and during reboot after restore
    fixed: accidental Rigs in Performance Mode edit buffer immediately after restart
    fixed: TYPE knob functionality on Arrange Performances screen
    fixed: potential corruption error during Rig load
    fixed: “Init Globals” now enables also power amp of PowerHead and PowerRack
    fixed: anomalies, when Cabinet Module is locked and another Merged Rig gets loaded or Performance gets stored
    fixed: DIRECT OUTPUT Source initialization after restart

    Factory Content (enclosed in software*)

    added: 2 Rigs “1971 Mars Golub Crunch” and “2011 More Gain AC20”
    added: 3 TopJimi and 6 SoundSide Rigs
    added: Wah Presets revised
    changed: Reverb Presets revised
    changed: Rig Browse Pool has been cleaned up, excluded Rigs available as Legacy Rig Pack 2015
    changed: Delay Presets and Effects Section presets revised to accommodate Legacy Delay
    changed: Factory Demo Performances revised

    * All Factory Rigs and Presets embedded in this operating system can be imported via function “Factory Rigs” in System menu. If you prefer to import Rigs selectively, please pick and choose from our Factory Rig Packs available on our download-page.