empiric TUTORIAL - Setting up a morph rig from scratch with EXP pedal

    • pre requisite (do it once) : go to 'system' menu page 7, set expr. pedal function to 'morph pedal' & calibrate it.
    • put your exp. pedal to toe (or heel) position THEN switch to a rig you'd like to morph
    • activate the morph feature by pressing the 'rig' button once , go to page 5 and press the 'morph' soft button ( up&right ) : it will light up the morph button - you'll see an horizontal line moving while you push the exp pedal
    • change one setting like gain to 12 on toe position THEN put your exp on heel position and adjust the gain to 1 for instance (feel free to compensate for volumes changes)
    • repeat for each parameter !

    save your new morphed rig :D

    here is a clip :

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    from left panned clean tone with no FX to right panned lead with harmonizer, dist , chorus & delay ( with volume compensation)

    Short burst of pedal give some nice delay trails which is very cool since they sustain on the whole morph range:)

  • Sure about all of that? I don't think I had to do anything, other than setting up an expression pedal to do morphing (CC#11 for other midi controllers). Else, I just adjusted parameters in either heel or toe position and everything worked.

    And watch out, the heel position is the default sound. The sound that will load without pedal.

  • A (hopefully) simple question:

    Is there a way to just assign the Remote buttons to morph between 2 defined rig states & not the expression pedal (i.e. expression pedal is just used for volume / wha as before) ...

    If yes, how do I assign just the rig button to morph & not the exp pedal.


  • As waraba mentioned above, press the rig button and go to page 5. There you can turn it on and set rise and fall times. Pressing a preset button on your remote toggles between default and morphed state.

  • How much "play" is there when a pedal is left in the heel position, I wonder. IOW, will the Kemper assign Morph status to a Rig as soon as one adjusts a parameter because it thinks the pedal's been moved due to a margin of error?

    My 35-year-old analogue MIDI expression pedal, for instance (yes, I know - it's all I have for now for wah and whatnot), is kinda rough to say the least - if one records a MIDI stream that's created by plugging it into, say, a master keyboard, it's not a smooth journey from lowest to highest values. Probably just the potentiometer's age, but surely the same thing would happen to some degree with most pedals?

    I don't feel I explained this very well, but hopefully you guys know what I mean.

  • is there a possibility to define/store the state i want the rig to load initially?

    for example i use a crunch sound with gain in lower third and i want to increase gain by morphing - no problem... if i change back to the rig later it starts with gain in lower third.
    but if i want it the other way round, for example whrn i use some heavy gain tones but for the intro of one song i want to start with lo gain an then increase it to my "normal" settings...?
    of course i can do this by storing another rig just for the intro... but is there another way?

  • As waraba mentioned above, press the rig button and go to page 5. There you can turn it on and set rise and fall times. Pressing a preset button on your remote toggles between default and morphed state.

    +1 -> this! :)
    It's simple to set - maybe not so easy to edit later ;)

  • Guys i had to share this, go to Don's MORPH modulations 2 preset in the example pack (update 4.2)
    in stomp 2 put a WAH flanger and do NOT assign your exp pedal or foot switch to the Morph parameter.
    use the remote button to toggle Morphing and the foot switch to operate the WAH flanger.

    Now mess with that flanger.... and switch in between, do pick scraping and all sorts of experimental stuff and check out the sounds,
    absolutely out of this world. i played it to some stoner rock guys they have not been able to smoke pot for a week' .
    Seriously try that , you can get EXTRA sounds with the foot pedal as some thing else and using the remote buttons

    What a sound i got out of that man
    Try it.


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  • Bringing up an old post here, but rather than create a new one for my problems, I thought I'd use the search function.:)

    Obviously my issue here is with Morphing, or setting it up.

    Following the guide above, Im half way there. But the problem I have is adjusting multiple parameters within a rig.

    I managed to Morph between different gain settings, but I am having trouble adjusting other parameters; rig volume, different delay levels etc.