Rig Manager on Mac OSX display problem in full screen, using ext. display

  • As the title describes, I'm using the RM with Mac (all latest stable versions) and got some serious display problems in full screen view (I'm using an external display with my mac book pro):

    first of all the usual keyboard short cut (cmd+control-f) doesn't work, but thats not a big issue.

    When changing to full screen view, everything looks normal first until I switch to another folder…! The RM window then get's significant smaller. Sometime there are huge black spaces on top and bottom, sometimes the window is covered completely with a wide black frame.
    However, the viewable window get's really small and there is only little space left for the columns and the inspector.

    Sorry to say but in my opinion the mac version of the RM is rather beta than a stable productive version.
    Does anyone has same issues or is there something I do about that?

  • "Sorry to say" - but please post this in the proper section.

    Again "sorry to say" but as a supposedly new user - many guys including me have been using RM for a long time and really like it and yes, we know it is not perfect - you may wanna consider trying not to alienate the good and friendly people who are more than willing to help and support you in their free time with that kind of negativity.

    Then - for technical support - you should provide a screen shot, your display resolution, the os version you are working with and the specs of your mb. I run an external display (Apple Cinema Display) on my mbpro (2012) and had no display problems like that at all - since the very first beta.


  • Thanks for your suggestion, guys! It's not that big issue, i was just wondering if there is something I could do about that.

    I'm new to the forum same as to the kemper and this is my 2nd post. I was not aware using the wrong section. My apologies for disturbing you