Favourite performance profiles

  • Hey guys I'm brand new to the kemper world. Seriously overwhelmed with the amount of profiles. So many good ones and a lot of bad ones. Thought I'd find out what are some of the favourite profiles for different uses eg.

    1. Clean
    2. Low gain
    3. High gain
    4. Lead
    5. Miscellaneous

    Prefer some free ones so just indicate if they are paid ones.
    I did try a search so help me out if this has already been do everything.

  • For free cleans my favorites are the ones by Joptunes (just type Joptunes in the rig exchange search bar). My favorite is his vox ac 30 named AC30clean1 (turn the gain down a little if you want). I use it with a neck humbucker (SD 59) but I imagine it works awesome with single coils too. :)