Commercial Profile After-Market Value

  • Note: I'm hastily typing this at work, therefore, clarity and lengthy description are currently being sacrificed. That said:

    Seeing KPA's of varying formats on the used market typically includes a statement regarding the inclusion of "hundreds" of commercial profiles in an already ridiculously low priced listing.

    I currently have around $400us in commercial profiles and do not, personally, see them losing value in relation to the hardware. I'm recently seeing excellent condition units being sold as low as $1400us, including "hundreds" of commercial profiles.

    With $1875 in my purchased new KPA, $499 in my purchased new Remote and (for round numbers sake) $400 in commercial profiles = $2774us

    $1400us for a KPA (non-powered) with "hundreds" of commercial profiles is simply insane. At the same time, this unit still sits on the forum.

    What gives? ...and... Why does it seem there is such little or no value placed on commercial profiles in an after market sale?

  • I think it's because the sellers suspect that the original profile sellers don't approve of the resale.

    I had originally intended to include this concept in the OP, however, did not. The "End User Rights" concept is a bit tricky.

    For me, it is now playing into my decision making regarding purchasing commercial profiles. I'm currently mentally on hold in buying several packs.

  • I buy loads of VST's for my studio, but they have virtually no resale vale at all, I just want them to make ( allegedly ) my songs sound better.!

    Its like buying ingredients for a recipe, while they are in the packet they have a value, but as soon as you cook em, the only value is to the eater !

  • @'burning yen' I don´t get your logic. How can they feel morally obliged?

    I think this is a very conversation-able subject - especially in light of recent American court rulings related to gun manufacturers and false-flag events/media coverage; however, if one buys a car and sells it are they obligated to the original dealership, manufacturer, quality inspection person(nel), engineer(s), etc...??? How deep is the rabbit hole?

    EDIT: Putting a little more thought into this and now home - capable of expounding, however, will refrain; it is seriously in great conflict with the whole Kemper concept for profiles to be made and then some sort of restrictive ownership claimed post profiles sale. If one is to believe this, then certainly they'll agree with the recent video ramblings charging the Profiler with (I'll call it) moral infringement.

  • I think the profiles can generally be seen as a "sweetener" to a deal - it's tough to ask for a higher price than an empty used profiler, when there are around 7000 rigs on the rig exchange (including rigs from commercial sellers) - not to mention that there's no guarantee that the commercial profiles will appeal to the prospective buyer.

    I agree.
    But this topic is interesting so I'm curious about the discussion.

  • It's the unspoken language of buying and selling used.

    "If I own it, it ain't worth sh*t!"

    "If you own it, it's worth all the money in the world"

    When I buy something or sell something used, I'm expecting its value to be 50% of a new item, unless it's rare/vintage. if something is included it doesn't add any value to me, it may make my decision to buy that item slightly appealing but it won't raise the price I'm going to pay.

    if I buy a guitar and it has a nicer case, I don't think I would pay more because of the case for example

  • I wonder how much of this is due to buyer education. Do non Kemper owners truly understand the value of commercial profiles?

    Man, I have spent too much on packs that in the end didn't fit me, my guitar or both. Buyer education doesn't (necessarily) have anything to do with it.
    If the best profile pack in the universe isn't what fits my ears and gear, it's worth exactly zero.

  • I still wouldn't write off the value of the paid packs entirely. You can buy the basic model car or the car with the deluxe version. You may not want a sun roof in the deluxe version, but the value of the car is still higher. I'm not saying we should charge dollar for dollar what we spent on paid profiles, but let's not devalue the $100's some of us have spent on profiles.

  • Think of it like selling a guitar with new pickups or an amp,with a different speaker. It does not add value to said piece of gear, only adds interest. People might not even care for what you have loaded and might just do a factory reset.

  • Think of it like selling a guitar with new pickups or an amp,with a different speaker. It does not add value to said piece of gear, only adds interest. People might not even care for what you have loaded and might just do a factory reset.

    Or they might just sell them zipped on eBay, :whistling: eh? Fell off the back of a lorry, sorry Kemper...

  • I'd like to make one thing very clear:
    Kemper does not sell any profiles. On the contrary, we select gifted individuals and ask them to produce profile packs for us, which we in return give to our users as Rig Packs absolutely free.
    The commercial area wasn't created to support the needs of commercial profilers, but the keep the rest of the forum free of commercial interests. The recent changes in this area reflect that.
    Users are encouraged to share their profiles via Rig Exchange and we update our factory content constantly to give new users the best possible out-of-the-box experience.

  • Can't say I'm for a person buying packs, then selling them separately. I'm only posing the question within the realm of selling a KPA with purchased content included.

    I feel it was said well above in regard to detailing what the included content is and then it does become a matter of interest.