Unnatural volume feel

  • I was just wondering if it has just been an issue with my Kemper all this time or is it just the way it is.
    I have always noticed it but just figured it was just normal for the KPA.

    The problem has been when going from no sound to starting with sound. It just feels very unnatural.
    I can turn the volume all of the way down until I hear nothing but as I start to turn it back up it can take a bit before I hear anything.

    It is like I never know when the volume will hit the point where I can hear it again. I have to turn more than what feels natural. Even the volume up doesn't feel right. Almost an exponential feeling to it. I would really prefer it to be an even volume gain as I turn it up.
    I understand that these knobs are continuous so they won't bottom out or have an endpoint per say but should the volume be like this?

    I would like it to register zero and as soon as I start to turn it up to be able to start to hear it almost instantly. This is not the case.
    I feel the need to turn it up fast to to get it to make it audible because I have to turn more than I feel I should.
    But this is when the exponential volume gain seems to kick in and it goes from zero to a higher volume all of the sudden.

    I am not sure how they set the volume knob to register zero since it is not totaly mechanical. But this seems where the issue lies.

    This is probably my biggest complaint of the KPA. I am not really sure why I have not brought it up until now.

    This is the best I can describe it. I have been using volume knobs for a very long time :) but this one has always just felt unnatural.

    Anybody else notice this?

  • What would the benefit be to accelerate the volume at an exponential rate?
    I am really not a fan of it doing this but the worst part for me is turning the volume from zero searching for some sound to kick in.

    The natural way is turn the volume up from zero and start to actually hear something pretty fast instead of a half or more of a revolution until something comes from your speakers. It doesn't seem to be the same from one time to the next, so I am always left not having a comfortable, quick, and natural feeling volume.

    Instead of being able to turn the volume up from nothing subconciously and knowing what to expect, I have to divert my attention directly to the volume process.

    I cant help but think that mine may have an issue if nobody else picks this up.
    Its like a brick to the face to me. ;(:D

    Man, I hate posting on this forum with an Apple product!
    It does not work well and hasn't forever.
    My PC and Sammy phone do just fine.
    My old IPhones and the IPads are horrible on this forum.