Disable cabinet emulation "Direct output / send" output

  • Hello everyone. I have a problem, I am using merged with disabled cabinet profiles and a couple of taxis guitar with gt75. The problem is that I would like to send sound PA cabinet emulation and my camplifer 360 stereo sound without emulation and stereo cabinet, but today I can only do this in mono output by the monitor. If the output "diret OUTPUT" had the ability to turn off emulation cabinet could choose "MONITOR" output set to "MASTER L" with cabinet turned off and the exit "diret" set to "MASTER R" with cabinet disabled and send by "MASTER" to PA sound emulation cabinet. outputs For me today is a problem, because either I give up my two real guitar Cabinet resigned stereo or PA to send sound and I have to use microphones for my two cabinet.

  • I also agree, here is my application :

    I am running power amp rack kemper and torpedo live to create stereo sound with 2 different cabinets (simulated), kemper has fixed -10db main output using xlr to the in front of house left, then monitor out from kemper into torpedo input, from torpedo output jack to xlr to in front of house right.

    Downside of not having option to disable cab simulation on kemper is that i also play thru real cab, i would like to set fixed volume -10db for the torpedo so i dont have to adjust the input gain on torpedo all the time when i need louder sound out quitter.

    Kemper delivers -10db constant and depending on volume for the real cab on stage for monitoring only (no mic) i need to adjust the input gain on torpedo all the time to set proper level.. annoying but can live with it..

    It would be very nice to include the option to disable cab sim for direct output, that would solve my problem.

  • I would like to have the cab off feature in the direct out as well....
    I think there are a lot of users coming from the 90-ies/rack/pre-amp/power-amp era and want to use their stereo sound on stage thru their stereo amps and cabinets together with the undoubted advantage of using the main outs (with cab on) ...without the need for additional mics on stage.
    It looks for me like a purely software issue which could be solved, am I wrong?

  • Yes, I would love this too. I prefer to run a stereo guitar cab setup via the KPA main outs into an external power amp, which I do whenever not going through a FOH system. I.e. At home, rehearsals etc. As soon as FOH comes into play I have to run my guitar cab(s) in mono so the KPA main outs can go to FOH with cab sims on. It's the only downer I have on the KPA setup. Why there is not a stereo monitor out feed is beyond me.

  • I agree with the request. It would be great if the KPA could allow users to disable the cab sim for the direct out. Or at least add an EQ so that the sound change due to the cab sim can be compensated for.

    My workaround so far consists of sending a stereo signal through monitor out (Master Left, cab off) and direct out (Master right) into a Palmer Macht 402 and adjust its EQ for the direct out signal, cutting some bass and adding some treble. Not ideal, but it allows me to keep the cab on for main outs to FOH and have a (more than) decent stereo monitor sound on stage. :)

  • Don't own the powered head, but this seems a reasonable request.

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  • +1 for me on this.

    I did read a post of a similar nature that advised this was not possible due to cabdriver processor requirements however as per the original post I want to run merged profiles and hence this eliminates processor overhead issues/limitation of cabdriver.

    The ideal change (for me) would be the ability to be able to route to monitor and direct out (L&R) of merged rig with cabinet disabled and main outputs L&R to FOH with the cabinet enabled.



  • I was just thinking about this the other day. Because the Kemper is so versatile at what the outputs do, it would be really cool to see "cab sim off" options on all of the output menus. That way you could use monitor out/direct out for cabs, or you could even use the main outputs for cabs into a stereo power amp for cabs onstage, and use the DI out and Monitor for outputs to a board if you wanted to.

  • Agreed but my understanding is that this could only be feasible when using merged profiles as the cabdriver algo (or whatever it is!) is cpu intensive and hence the KPA cannot do this for more than one output.

    I'm really hoping that Kemper could implement this for merged profiles as it would be killer.