Guitar cab plus FRFR - anyone doing this?

  • I've been curious about this and currently don't have an frfr to try out in addition to my 4x12 mesa cab. I love the sound of the cab but we have some songs with acoustic that would really be nice to have frfr. My thinking is using say a 2x12 from powered monitor out (cabs off) and maybe a wedge (dxr10) from master out right with cabs on and you have best of both worlds. It would also give the ability to combine 2 different cab sounds. Curious if anyone has any experience with this and if there are any issues that would arise.


  • Yes I'm doing this. I have a carlsbro nu tone head and 2x12 which I use as backline, mainly for the bassist and drummers benefit but also to have a bit of power behind me. I run the monitor out of the Kemper to the effects return of the head so I'm just using the power section. I then use an atomic clr wedge as my monitor with cabs on, and send a direct feed to foh.

    Sounds great. Only issue I've come across so far is complaints from my band mates about it being too loud ...oops !

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  • I tried this today with my Fishman Loudbox Performer. I gotta say it sounded freaking GREAT! I put the loudbox next to my mesa cab and ran the mesa out of Monitor out (set to Master left) and the loudbox plugged into the Master Right jack (set to Master Stereo). So it was GR, FRFR and stereo. What's cool about this set up is that with the FRFR cab it covers all of the guitar cabs limitations in terms of beaming and clarity. Also great when using an acoustic or piezo. For me I love the cab for the character and repeatability knowing that I can run pretty much any decent sounding rig through it and it will sound good, but not being able to hear the thing over the band half the time (unless its fully cranked) and being limited with acoustic tones to me this is the best of both worlds. Bonus for being able to combine and mix and match cab sounds.