USB Cable recommendation?

  • I am having trouble connecting the Kemper to my Mac Mini. I've found 7 USB cables in my household and only 2 of them establish a connection to the rig manager. And even then I am often running into problems (lost connection, Mac still thinks the profiler is connected after unplugging the cable, sometimes the one but not the other cable works, having to restart the Mac to start all over and pray for the connection to work this time...)

    Can somebody who connected the Kemper with the USB slot of his computer only once in his life and never ran into any trouble afterwards tell me which cable he bought?

  • Sorry to hear your having trouble, I've tried multiple USB cables without any problems, I think maximum length is 5 meters, if you're within that length , it might be advisable to open a support ticket.

  • As long as it's new, any cable with the right connectors should work just fine.

    Is it possible you just got unlucky? Did you buy sub-par, used or "old-stock" cables?

    I've not heard of anyone's having issues. The Kemper is no more fussy than any other piece of kit in this regard.

  • They are all cables that came with external hard drives, cameras and printers that I've bought over the years. All 7 cables work fine with these other USB devices.

    But I am willing to get a new "over-par new-stock cable" if that's what it takes. Any recommendations?

  • I had the same problem. I found a 10 foot cable that happened to work, but I tried probably 5 others without success.

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