Rig Manager Problems

  • Hey munch man,

    If "sleep mode" is the problem ... isn't one of the advantages of having a Solid State Drive as your primary disk (since they don't have moving parts) that there's no need to put your system into sleep mode?

    BTW how do like having a SSD? Just curious.

    Hi @MLScola sorry, but I had to chime in ;-)
    Shortly: SSD drives are the best improvement for computer storage since sliced bread.
    I am using them since ~10 years, first models had some bottlenecks, which were quickly rectified, mostly by adding more local cache.
    SSD: Quick bootup, no hourglass icon, blazing access times.
    I abandoned traditional spinning drives long ago, 256 GB serves me well.

  • For some weird reason, resetting my Kemper seems to have fixed the problem for me.

    I definitely was experiencing this for a while but now the usb/sleep issue magically disappeared.

    @MLScola harddrives were never a reason FOR sleep mode as far as I recall. Spinning up and down was always more stress to drives than constantly rotating. Sleep mode and early suspend to disk or suspend to RAM modes were about about saving power and fast bootup times when resuming work - having the system in the state where you left it at.

    @viabcroce modern SSDs are rock solid - pro versions have been used in servers for a while now. Beside the speed I also embrace the "quiet" of SSDs. I replaced 3 traditional server grade WD drives - only to have one of it failing randomly after 6 weeks and replacing it again yesterday. I have experienced countless mechanical and electronical failures of harddrives over the years and I am very happy that this technology has become state of the art. I ordered a new SSD only server for my office yesterday.

  • Thanks, what worries me is not reliability but the (fast?) time it takes them to reach their writing limit for each cell of information. Certainly an issue with the first generations :)
    PS: I use one as boot disk on my PC :) OTOH, I've been having (?) my main data disk run practically continuously since 2005 :D

  • Hi, @MLScola - I think you are right. Ive set it to not go to sleep to see if it makes any difference. Having SSD is good, but pricey for a decent amount of space. I went straight out and bought an external drive with 4TB as its still a cheaper storage solution.

    @bigb6611 - you are right, its about these pesky USB ports. I sometimes have to switch to get the printer to work after sleep. It takes power saving to rediculous heights.

    BTW - nearly 3 weeks for support not to check those logs or offer help. @£1,200 a unit thats outstanding customer service, well done.

    Thank goodness for the community :)

    I'll feed back if the non-sleep thing helps

    BW, Munchman

  • UPDATE: setting the HD to not go to sleep when the screen sleeps has had no effect, still can't see the KPA.

    Quit RM and restarted RM, no joy. Will of course work if I reboot the Mac but I'm bored of having to do this every time. is a real pain if you are using logic and have to reboot to audition some profiles.

    thankfully, as mentioned the SSD boots fast.

    maybe I'm making too much of this but its frustrating.

  • @munch man have you tried resetting your Kemper? I know it's a pain, but it worked for me. Haven't had a problem since Friday, and before the reset this was an every day issue for me.

    Just make sure you back up your Kemper performances and rigs so you can restore them afterwards.

  • I've just bought a new Kemper Amp and installed the new firmware.
    Unfortunately my Rig manager doesn't see the Amp after sleep/wake up.
    I'm on MacPro5,1 ElCapitan 10.11.5. I've been trying to change the USB ports and they connected only once. Then after switching the Amp off and restarting the Manager they didn't connect anymore. 8|

    UPD. Tech support promises to release an update.