How to use performance mode?

  • Can somebody please give me a rundown on how to use performance mode? i have to use browser mode first?..i have no idea how to use this mode at all?..say i find a rig i like how do i put effects in it or save it?'s very different then browser mode

  • The performance mode organizes your rigs in 5 slots per performance. It's mainly for live use, think of it as multiple banks a 5 presets. The advantage is that each performance can share settings such as the tempo for FX throughout all its 5 slots. Easiest way to use: Have you installed Rigmanager software from the Kemper site? Given the KPA is connected via USB you can drag & drop rigs into one of the 5 individual slots each performance provides. Edits will keep the rigs inside the browser pool of the KPA untouched, so that you can go back to the originial rig whenever you want. You can also load rigs from the browser pool into the perfomance slots on the KPA itself. It is really recommended to check the manual for a detailed discription.

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  • do you load them from browser mode?

    You enter Performance Mode, choose a Performance/Slot, enable it, and turn the BROWSE-knob to choose your rig from the browse-base. Then you add stomps, adjust tone-parameters etc and finally hit STORE to save the performance.

    Note that the profiler makes a copy of the rig when you pick it from the browse-database into a performance/slot. I.e. any changes you later make to the rig in browse mode will not be reflected on the copies in performance-mode and vice versa.

    This is pretty basic. How much of the manual did you read before hitting the forum?

  • Where in the manual is this information Steve079? When I follow your instructions, the kemper stage locks up and I have to reboot. And going through the 300 pg PDF on an ipad - I don't see it in the TOC. Thanks! UPDATE: Scratch that - it works for now, but it's very very slow loading pages etc.

  • it works for now, but it's very very slow loading pages etc.

    Do you mean that you KPA is slow when scrolling through performances (bank up/down for those used to MIDI terms)? This may have to do with default settings. By default the KPA starts loading and processing all 5 slots in a performance as soon as you hit up/down, making it appear very slow for scrolling across multiple performances. Try setting "Pending" to "Perf.Load" in system-settings (bottom right on page 3) . This force you to choose a particular slot after scrolling to the correct performance (bank) which has the side effect of delaying any processing of the content of the performance till the selection has been made, thus make scrolling performances much faster.