Controlling delay settings via MIDI CC using FCB1010 Uno4Kemper

  • I'll try and explain this the best I can.

    I have a Behringer FCB1010 with the Uno4Kemper chip v1.2. (no morphing)

    Say I'm playing a rig set up for guitar solos with a bit delay and reverb. As I reach the ending of a solo and want to increase the delay level by say 20% creating a large spillover as I switch back into my rhythm rig (possibly also the delay time and feedback) when I step on a button on the FCB1010. At the moment I have the bottom row set up for selecting rigs and the top row for turning stomps on and off.

    Is it possible to do this with MIDI CC's with my setup (I highly doubt it) so I'd loose one of the stomp switch functionalities but gain a MIDI CC assigned switch?

    I realise that with the remote and an expression pedal using morphing I could morph to these changes, however when I hit that last notes and switch back to a dryer rhythm rig seeing the expression pedal would still be pressed toe down, if morphing was set up on that rig also wouldn't I be also entered into the "morphed toe down" state of that rhythm rig?

    Maybe I'm over thinking this and it would be easier just to duplicate the solo rig with extra delay and switch to that then to the rhythm rig but I could really do with keeping all 5 slots as the are. I know the trails would spillover but I'm pretty sure the volume of those delay trails would also reduce to the volume of my rhythm rig as I switch???

    If its any easier for you guys to understand what I trying to explain here (probably not very well :P ) here is a video of Mark Day on his Axe-FX achieving the same kind of thing here

    Cheers for any light anyone can shed.

  • The buttons in the upper row of Uno4Kemper are only capable of switching on/off Modules like Delay and others. But what you want is either toggling a continuous controller like Delay Mix between two values or even blend over between those two values. Morphing is the way to go. That means, if you want to shift between two values of Delay Mix set up your Rig with for example Delay Mix 20% as Base Sound and 60% as Morph Sound. You could just morph one parameter, but are free to add others like Delay Feedback.

    Your Uno4Kemper 1.2 should already be able to use its buttons on the lower row to initiate Morphing. If "Rig Button Morph" is enabled in System Settings subsequent hits of the buttons in the lower row will not reload the same Rig, but trigger Morphing. You have the parameters Rise Time and Fall Time in the Rig Settings to determine, if the Delay Mix changes in an instant (values 0) or for example over one bar. Since OS 4.0.4 Public Beta those parameters should work correctly.

    Uno4Kemper 1.4 even introduces the possibility to configure the functions of its pedals. So you could change your Wah Pedal to become your Morph Pedal and link Wah and Pitch Pedal to it. In that case you could control Delay Mix (and other morphs) even via pedal, or both pedal and buttons.

  • Thanks Burkhard this sounds perfect exactly what I want, will try this tonight. I was just under the impression that morphing was only available on Uno4Kemper v1.3 and up.
    I was going to uprade to version 1.4 soon regardless.

    Thanks man.

  • @Burkhard Unless I doing something wrong I cannot get the morphing to work with Uno4Kemper v1.2. The only way I can morph is to assign the QUICK button to MORPH and press it.

    I have the RIG BUTTON MORPH checked but still get no change when pressing a rig selection pedal (Pedal 1 bottom row) on my FCB1010.

    I found this thread UnO4Kemper and the new morph feature I believe it says in there first post that I need v1.3 or higher?

    Just want to make sure before I purchase the new chip.


  • <a href="">@Burkhard</a> Unless I doing something wrong I cannot get the morphing to work with Uno4Kemper v1.2. The only way I can morph is to assign the QUICK button to MORPH and press it.

    I have the RIG BUTTON MORPH checked but still get no change when pressing …

    Hi Liam, it works with Uno4Kemper v1.4 and not v1.3, I have purchased this and it works very well.
    Only problem I have at the moment, is when you push button 1-5 to load a rig, for the second time, it loads an other rig that is not programmed.
    Can be annoying when you play live, this is still not fixed in Public Beta 4.0.4.

  • I don't have a Uno4Kemper handy, but emulated the basic MIDI logic Uno4Kemper is using. In Performance Mode MIDI control changes #50-54 are used to load the five Slots of the current Performance. Since the beginning Uno4Kemper should send MIDI Control Change 5x value 1 whenever one of the five lower buttons is hit followed by value 0 as soon as that button gets released. This way the Profiler is able to operate accordingly. I emulated this and even momentary Morphing via button is working correctly.

    In Browse Mode the Uno4Kemper is sending Program Changes (don't know for sure in 1.4). Those will never trigger Morphing. Perhaps you just tried Browse Mode!?