FW 4.06 Beta Experiences Thread

  • Really? Three Threads?

    Yes three threads. I created this thread hours after 4.06 beta was released. (the beta being identical to the official release that came out weeks later) I created it because I got tired of trying to sort out everyone's experiences and which version they were talking about on the 4.0 beta thread and thought it was counter-productive to have folks still commenting on issues they were experiencing with older versions, as the original beta thread was a million pages long by then as well. However, despite a few users commenting on mine right after it was posted, some folks apparently scrolled right past it, and started posting about 4.06 on the tired generic 4.0 beta thread. Then as mine moved down the list in recent activity, some other clever cat made a new 4.06 thread. No my feelings aren't hurt :) But I didn't needlessly create an identical thread, the chap that created "Is everyone on 4.06 now" did. And for that matter even the official release thread wasn't needed, as all that would have been needed was renaming this one, as 4.06 beta and the official release are identical. But by then, this thread had already been ignored and forgotten, so I didn't bother to change it.

  • Having an issue with this. On my performances, reverb is getting added. If i remove it, then store it, it gets added straight back. Not to all, usually the first slot. Reverb isn't locked.

    Actually I had the opposite problem.
    I lost reverb on some of my performances when modifying parameters (Amp section etc).
    Tried to save performance where Reverb was turned off (as a part of troubleshooting), but the KPA kept turning it back on again.
    The Reverb light were on, but no reverb, -until I turned the reverb knobs.

    I ended up copying the 1st performance slot to another free slot, modifying the reverb there, and then save the performance.
    After that, I moved the modified performance slot to the 1st slot and saved the whole performance.
    Then I deleted the original 1st perf. slot and resaved...

    At least this workaround solved my issue for now...

  • Same here.
    I got a "Test-Performance" where i check new amps, effects etc.
    When i save the performance (all effects are off). As soon as i hit the store button (overwrite the existing), name the perormance, the reverb is activated!
    The Morphing is deactivated in the system menu. The Firmware is the first 4.06 Release.
    I don´t know...