Speakers for Cab

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have been searching the threads for what speakers people recommend for use with the Kemper. Currently I am using a Kemper unpowered head running into a Crown XLS1000 power amp. Out of the power amp it is running to an Engl 4x12 with V60's in it. While this sounds great, I have to turn off the cab profiles on the kemper. I have really nice ampeg cab with a blown speaker in it that needs to be replaced. My thought was that I could replace the speakers in that cab with nice PA speakers to use with the Kemper. What recommendations or standards are there that people typically purchase when looking for just the speakers?

  • Typical culprits could be JBL, Eminence, ElektroVoice etc...

    BUT: if you want to go the Full Range Flat Response way it might get tricky: your bass speaker should fit the volume and resonance frequency of your cabinet. The tweeter in modern PA cabinets has a kindof wave guide in front and its driver position is physically aligned for good phase with the other speaker.

    In addition: buying just speakers and a crossover might cost you close to a brand new ready-made speaker. I'd prefer buying such a speaker second hand.

  • I still prefer and now only use tradition cabs but have owned a few others. Old school only for me.
    Xitone cabs comes in a passive 2x12 cab and sounded great with my powered Kemper.
    I also owned a Atomic CLR cab which was also great.
    I am sure there are more good FRFR speakers in cab form out there.
    Good Luck