FX Loop No Sound

  • Hey,

    Tried searching for this but nothing solved my problem. Basically using a delay stomp (I tried two different ones) in the FX loop (mono) either in stomp section or X, it seems to either have a significant volume drop or no sound at all. I tried the "cable direct from send to return" test, and it is dead quiet. Im currently on 3.3. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

    Many thanks,

  • When I first tryed out the FX LOOP i was kind of disepointed.. it had very weak sounds, and it was a huge volumejump when i switched it off.. i found out that i had to set the (loop mono) at 100% and later i had found the internal volume in the loop, and you have to adjust it so you get the same volume as without the Loop.
    Now I have more and more rigs without useing my G-force.. kind of get used to the Dely..., but hope a good reverb is coming in the next update

  • Check the output menu, maybe your direct output/send is configured wrong? Not sure if the setting of direct out will be overwritten when using the loop...

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