Who doesn't use morph or other 4.06 features?

  • As much as i'd like to, I've yet to find a practical use for the morph feature in my day-to-day playing. Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining as its a cool feature and i can imagine many players making great use of it.
    In fact, i've not really gained anything by upgrading from 3.3 to 4.06 other than the remote doesnt "time-out" when moving between banks. I was happy with the old delays- not really noticed any audible change there. Not too thrilled with the increase boot-time but thats by the by.
    I love the KPA and use it like a replacement for a traditional amp+fx setup, ie, boost for solos, occasional chorus/delay, etc and v3.3 done everything i wanted reliably.

    So, what I'm asking is, are there other users out there that, perhaps like me, have not benefitted from the latest features/upgrade or maybe hanging on to 3.3 as its suffice to their needs?

  • I find morphing mostly useful for auditioning changes in my rigs. For instance: I set up a Studio EQ with a certain boosted frequency. Then I sweep that frequency while playing. I have not really found any other use for morphing.
    I do really like the strobe tuner.

    The delays did not change in sound, which was intended.

  • Morphing is easier to initiate and avoids all or nothing with effects.
    I find in general I like more delay with softer parts of songs and less when the gain goes up for heavier parts of songs. Use of the morph allows the delay mix to not be an all or nothing thing. I have morph set to instantaneous and to the rig change switches on the remote, so I'm basically using it to toggle extremes rather than gradually. So by stepping on the Rig button already selected, the second Led lights up instead. I usually back off the gain of the rig and bump up a delay mix or feedback. In fact if I want no delay part of the time, it's just as easy to set the mix at Zero in one morph position than have to worry about toggling it on and off with a second row switch. Since I'm singing as well, it's easier to hit that front button again, than to reach a second row switch.
    I could essentially do all this by just creating a second rig, but I find it's more organized and allows less tapping if I can fit more of my sounds in a single performance.

  • I am on 4.06 beta (only because too busy to go the final step to release). I set up a performance of some really basic morph rigs (clean > gain) for testing purposes but have yet to use morphing for serious live performance work. It will come, just not a priority and i don't see the need to use a tool just because its there.

  • I think it is perfect for switching between your rhythm and your solo sound … increase mids and volume or dial in some delay.
    So I do not have to stepdance and I have more free slots on the remote for other things. But to be honest,
    i don't really need them ;)

  • No what I mean is I want to be able to morph some Rigs and not others.
    Most of the time I prefer having It set so I can turn on/ off effect and have it go back to original setting by hitting patch button,
    This is the way it worked before morphing

  • I don't, but that's simply because I'm not using the Kemper live or with a floorboard.

    I can see a bunch of uses for it though, it's always great to be able to quickly set up just a couple of parameters driven by the pedal. But at the same time I'm at a point where often less is more, I think the feature would have a lot more use (and simplicity) for me if it had instead of working like a delta morph with clever individual parameter adjustments it had just been a two rig process, morph between rig a and rig b, and blend the cab section as well. Maybe even just a floating point blend rather than index while scrolling through all the rigs so you continuously blend, and in the perform mode select two rigs for heel and toe. Of course that would be a heck of a lot more work for Christopher and his team, but level of simplicity for the user is normally inverse to complexity for the developer so I'm sure he's up to it.

  • When morphing was announced I was not very enthusiastic for.
    The shown performances and examples did not reaches my taste. My wish at that time was to get some reverbs.
    Now I use a lot profiles to change the sound from Rhythm and Solo by using more parameters than e.g. switch a stomp. The modifying of the sound can be done more subtil.
    Sometimes I use it to emphasize some effects during a song.
    For me it is easier to reach the Rig-Buttons on the Remote than the effect buttons in the second row. Normally I use short morphing times to get a soft but more or less rythmical exact sound change.
    The use of a pedal could cause interesting possibilities, but it increases the amount of gear which I would have to take with me.
    My opinion about morphing changed to the opposite direction. I would not like to miss anymore. The handling of delays are for me a big progress.

    But still I have the wish for better reverbs. ^^

  • I use it a ton in one of the projects I play with, where there are big sound changes in the middle of verses, for example. It works great. In my recently-reformed old band, I just have one slot set up for morphing (via expression pedal; like @whippinpost91850, I like to hit the slot a second time to turn off any effects I might have engaged). It takes me from a clean sound to a slightly crunchy sound, bringing the mix of a Green Scream stomp up from 0 to 100 percent. It makes things really simple, as I also have to sing during the sound change and faffing around looking for the right slot while playing a picking pattern and singing across the beat can be a right pain.

  • I haven't found much use for morphing in my setup and change patches when I need a new sound. It would have been more exciting to get the delay package earlier, but everyone finds a different use for Kemper. Having said that, I am still incredibly happy with the unit whichever way they go.