Just ordered (and paid of course ) Remote ..latest info about delivery time ?

  • Hi Guys ,

    OK ,finally I pulled the trigger , ordered Remote :thumbup:

    Probably beating dead horse , but what is the latest info regarding delivery time , anyone knows ?
    I ordered KPA hand bag as well .

    My parcel have to travel from Germany to South Africa , and I know there are more than few flights per day from Germany to SA ,just a hint ...

    Also i know that some people from SA post office and customs have a sticky fingers too (my main fear ... ;( )

    Wondering which courier service Kemper will use ? There is no info about it on KEMPER site ...

    reason I ordered is that KPA is not more comfy to be used without dedicated remote , even I have very decent and expensive vintage midi foot controller ...
    Dedicated KPA [email protected] looks like a thing to go ....

    Tom Andersons guitars >Kemper>QSC's and/or JP Le Roux amp and Mesa Cab

  • Could you believe it ?
    I ordered Remote last Thursday .
    Today is Tuesday ,OK !?
    So, today I had a call from UPS ,saying some parcel from Germany is in the country ,addressed to me .
    From Germany to South Africa in few days !!!
    I was told it will took another two days for custom clearance , which means I can have my KPA remote in 7 days in total .

    My dear KPA Team , I am stunned with your service , thanks ! :thumbup::thumbsup:
    ( fricking unbelievable) !

    Tom Andersons guitars >Kemper>QSC's and/or JP Le Roux amp and Mesa Cab

  • Remote arrived .
    It took 7 days !
    Looks and works fantastic , very easy to use .

    Only thing what is missing is Looper volume control , but it will probably come with next OS .

    QUESTION for Kemper bag :
    Advertising says :
    Compatible with the Profiler Head and Profiler PowerHead (including the Profiler Remote)

    I didn't try to put toaster and remote together , will try it for weekend .
    But, it looks like a there is no space for both , or I am wrong ?

    Anyone manage to put both KPA and Remote in Kemper bag ?
    How do you protect them to do not rub @damage each other ?
    Thanks !

    Tom Andersons guitars >Kemper>QSC's and/or JP Le Roux amp and Mesa Cab

  • Yeah, it's a bit snug to say the least. Personally, I wouldn't risk wrecking my bag, as I don't think the bag was designed to hold the KPA AND the Remote. It's just a happy(ish) coincidence that you can just about squeeeeeeeze them both in :)

  • About ten days later...very happy with Remote !

    Just trying to figure out how can I change rigs while playing over going loop .,without changing the original ,recorded rig in the loop.
    When I try to change the rig, recorded loop rig get changed as well .
    I want to leave original rig like a loop sound and then play with another rig - say loop=clean , playing over = crunch .etc

    Is this possible ?

    (I will open a new thread about this issue,sorry if it was already explained somewhere )

    Tom Andersons guitars >Kemper>QSC's and/or JP Le Roux amp and Mesa Cab

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