FS: Tube Town Tone Houd - loadbox

  • Hi guys,
    selling here my Tube Town Tone hound in perfect shape.
    It is basically a fully closed cabinet with a 100w 8ohm speaker inside, with a good isolation.
    it is great to take direct profiles with your tube amps, you just need to hook un a DI (i have a behringer Ultra GI, i can sell it for €20 with the Tone Hound) and your amp, it will reduce a lot the volume, while loading your amp with a real speaker and not with a simple resistor.
    I have a video showing how efficient is the noise reduction.
    Asking €170,00 shipped to Italy, €180 to the EU.
    Just add €20 if you want the DI too.
    If you want some picks, here you can find some (my own classified advertisement):