Peter Green Profiles

  • Any Peter Green(esque) profiles you guys want to recommend? Specifically I'm looking for something to nail the various tones in Jumping at Shadows including both the Out of Phase and In Phase elements.

    Any suggestions?

  • that's bright for sure and very fat in the end part

    I know Peter Green was using a les paul, but this one sounds very clean with the guit vol down, so luthery and pickup matters a lot here . I think you should nail the whole gain range with an amp that has great dynamics like a twin, bluesbreaker or JTM series marshall and play with your guitar volume pot , this is the old school solution :)

    Modern way is to take a good driven amp that cleans up very well and setup a morph pedal on the gain between low and upper gain.

  • My band does several old PG songs. On my LP Trad, I did the neck PU magnet reversal and also tried a 4 conductor pickup to do a simple electrical phase reversal..
    Both sounded the same to me (which I guess they really are). The electrical phase reversal offers the opportunity to use the centre position as normal or phase cancel and both are important to me, so that's the one that has remained in the guitar.

  • I've got several guitars with flipped magnets already, so I have no problem getting the OOP sound... I'm just wondering what the best profiles would be to run them through to most closely approximate his tonez. He goes from clean to crunch almost instantly and uses quite a bit of reverb. Maybe a morphed twin with heavy gain, medium reverb on one end and low gain heavy reverb on the other. That along with the OOP might do it. I don't think he used a Twin though... but that might be the best choice for reverb. To bad I can't morph from a high gain bluesbreaker to a high reverb twin... now that would be cool!!!

  • Back then, he used his volume knobs and pickup switch to get that range of tones. Using Morph to do that may require EQ adjustments, because leaving the guitar at full output into a cleaner version of the amp will sound different than cleaning the amp up by turning down the guitar.

    I suggest setting up the rig for the gainy lead sound with the guitar volume turned up all the way and maximum playing dynamics. Turn the guitar down to get the subtler tones.

    If you want that reverb sound, you can add it to a JTM.