Switch and expression functions

  • Like to see more functions for the switches esp. the stereo switch. it now has rig up/down. it would be nice to have individual functions for each "half"stereo-switch so you can realise a setup with switch: tuner and tap + wah-expression

    It would be better to be able to individually assign wah or volume to either expression pedal 1 or 2. Also it would be good to be able to assign parts of the fx to the expression like delay feedback swell or mix.

  • Hi all,

    the switch functions I miss the most is "Tuner" and "Tab Tempo"
    On the other hand it would bei great if you can assign for each rig individually or at least that you can override the global assign with a local assign in certain presets.
    Because now I onlycan use it as a Wah Pedal, but I have sounds with no Wah but for instance I would like to control the delay value


  • It should at least be possible to assign a free parameter of any amp/effect to the pedal. That's what Line 6 does. However, Boss does it a lot better. You can assign multiple parameter with individual ranges to a controller. ... increase the gain and add a little delay.

  • Yeah, this function seems like a no brainer. Surprised that pedals only control volume or wah. For example, I like to have an expression pedal that controls the amp's gain.