Welagen Steel String Singer Profiles

  • I just got this beauty last week and have been playing with it every chance I get. It's been at the top of my bucket list for years, and I found a deal I couldn't pass up. I saw a request for this here before, so with my first day off I've decided to return the favor after downloading many great profiles from here.

    There are 5 patches (so far);

    Welagen SSS 1
    Welagen SSS 1 Rev
    Welagen SSS 2
    Welagen SSS 2 Rev
    Welagen SSS 2 LG

    Welagen 1 and Welagen 1 Rev are the same profile, one just has added reverb. This was the first one I made, and I kept getting the "no amp detected" error. So I lowered the attenuation significantly, and as a result it is very sensitive to the input volume of your guitar. So I kept this one for some delicate playing, or backing off the guitar volume. Otherwise it will fart out.

    Welagen 2, Welagen 2 Rev and Welagen 2 Rev LG are the same profile as well. The first 2 just like previously, and the gain on them is up to about 3. The LG patch has the gain backed off to zero. This one you can strum as hard as you like and not have the output clip on you.

    Now on to the EQ settings. They're pretty drastic, but I A/B's them against the real thing (which is running through a pair of 80's EVM-12L's). The Kemper is running through a pair of Atomic CLRs with the cab OFF. This might sound crazy to some, but I profiled it with the Kemper DI Box and it sounds incredibly close this way. But I've also left room for adjustments and you can do as you please on your box.



    [Blocked Image: http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa256/alphakin/8E7A07F8-D638-4987-B521-AB806AF24AA0_zpskgco4j0k.jpg]

  • They do sound great however they are really hot output as it sends the output into the Red and quite a pop. I backed the volume of the amp down which helped. Also the tone control settings are pretty extreme, was that after fine tuning the amp you found you needed it? Don't get me wrong, the profiles sound real good but I do need to add a cab in the DI'd ones and adjust some of the parameters. I am testing through my studio monitors

  • Thanks for the feedback. I spent all of my studio microphone money on the amp! Kidding, but I don't have any studio setup here, and have only a Shure SM58 lying around somewhere. But I've never attempted any mic'd profiles as the DI Box seemed to be the easier solution. As far as the extreme tone controls, I mentioned that in my initial post. And it was only because the profile was very dark and muffled. After those settings it was close to the original. The output clipping was mentioned as well, but this should only be on the Welagen SSS1 profiles and not any of the Welagen 2 profiles. This was due to the input attenuation being backed off too much initially (also mentioned). When I added any of the cabs, it got very dark again, so I left them off. I'd be curious to hear from Atomic CLR users and see if they are any better for them. Might just have to do with everyone's different setups. I've downloaded some profiles that were unusable for me, but sounded very good in the sound clips posted along with them. I need to read on a few other features I didn't quite understand and will definitely post some updates as time permits. I'm also playing a strat with Klein Jazzy Cats if that helps. I didn't consider that some of you are probably using humbuckers or higher output pups. I might make an even lower input one for that.

  • Congrats and many thanks Chris!
    An awesome amp, have been hoping for profiles of this amp ever since I bought my KPA!

    I've just played trough the profiles and got a really nice tone out of them. Great for JM and SRV tones, found myself playing Tin Pan Alley licks for quite a while.
    I have tried them with 2 strats, one loaded with Jazzy Cats, the other with Texas Specials. Obviously, the TS strat causes more clipping. This also happens on the Welagen 2 profiles.

    Anyways, these profiles are great considering this is your first profiling attempt with this amp. I really hope you keep on profiling and share some more.

  • Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed em! I definitely need to fine tune the input attenuation as well as figure out the tone settings. I haven't had the time to read up on it, but I don't get why the tone controls are available BEFORE the amp is profiled. It doesn't give you a chance to hear what effect the changes are having until it's done. Also, the fine tune option just appears to sit there with an animation until I finally click done. I'm sure there's more to it, but again I need to read up on it when I have some time. I have been playing with the FET channel the last few times I played it and it nails Little Wing perfectly. You can dig with the pick and get a little dirt, or pick lightly and it'll be chimey, crystal clear and clean. I'll be working on another profile over the next few days, and redoing the original ones for a better clean with no clipping. But I must add.. for anyone that has been on the fence about ordering this amp, BUY WITHOUT HESITATION. Jelle Welagen makes the finest amp I have ever played, and as good as the profiles hopefully may get, I could never see myself parting with this dream amp. There are just so many details and things that come to life in it that I don't believe I'll be able to capture with the Kemper. I will absolutely make some more profiles and continue to tweak, but I feel the need to mention it to anyone thinking about ordering. I've sold my Classic Reverb and the Custom Reverb Signature is next. I'll try to get a few more profiles done tomorrow or Thursday. If anyone has any quick pointers or tips on what I mentioned, please chime in!

  • Great! Too bad he doesn't live in the Netherlands... Judging by his name, he would likely have lived in the same region.
    Don't forget to make some good profiles of your amps before selling them. Two Rock, Samamp (according to another thread)... you really have quite a collection there!

    The EV's also have a kind of flat response, maybe that's why it sounded good with switching the cab sim off? I can't think of a reason for the dark sound with the cab sim on/ the tone controls thing, but I'm relatively new in Kemperland and my amps aren't interesting enough to profile so no profiling experience here. I hope someone else can help you out.

    BTW, have tried your profiles with a FRFR speaker (Ritter/Palmer). Will be getting my EV 15L cab back from a friend this week, going to give that a try as well.


  • Tally,
    I'm only using the EVs with the Welagen. I'm using a pair of Atomic CLR wedges with the Kemper.

    Oh.. and the SamAmp is gone btw.. I sold a lot of my amps and replaced with guitars after getting the AxeFx and the Kemper. I still have a ToneNut 4x10 tweed bassman, Two Rock Custom Reverb Sig v2, Bluetron Blueverb, 2 Gomez Surfers and a Gomez G-Spring Reverb unit.

  • Thanks SO much for these profiles. What an absolutely gorgeous-sounding amp. I've played a number of high quality boutique amps (Carol Anns, Two Rocks, Carrs, etc.) but the sound of this one is something else. Like another user though, I found the output to be a bit too high to be usable. But playing extremely softly I could get a sense of what these profiles could be and damn. I think they might be my favorites of the thousands of profiles I've collected. If you end up tweaking these for lower output, PLEASE post them. And congrats on the amp. If it sounds like it does through my Kemper it's worth every penny.