Cameron CCV-100 Profile Test - Merged Profile added 10/9/2016

  • Anyone up for testing a Cameron CCV profile? One of the best amps I've played and I'm trying to do the profile justice. I think it sounds good here through my Atomic CLR but I'd love to get some other opinions...good or bad.

    This is a studio profile using an SM57/Royer 121 combo through an API preamp. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Profile can be downloaded here: Test01 57-121 - 2016-09-18 14-06-44.kipr?dl=0

    Listen to the profile here:

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    **Update - new merged profile added here. This one is eq'd a little brighter than previous.…0-09%2012-24-55.kipr?dl=0

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback. I'm definitely working on more, including merged profiles. Just trying to perfect the profiles and capture the magic in this amp.

    In the meantime, if anyone has any clips, please post. I'd love to hear.

  • Thanks for this gem. This is an excellent profile - it has a perfect balance of a punchy bottom end and a top end that cuts through but is not over bright. It seems to work with everything - neck and bridge, single coils and humbuckers. Sounds like an amp anyone could love - keep em coming.

  • Great profile! any chance of either a Merged or DI profile?

    Funny story, I used to work with Mark (Cameron) at a little music store in Orange County before he was "famous." He modded a bunch of my gear and generally kept me running for several years until I moved. It wasn't until years later that I found out his designs were fetching all kinds of money and stirring up so much controversy.

    Wish I still had the Marshall JCM800 he did for me. It wasn't high gain, but it suited what I needed at the time. I foolishly sold it (as with many things) and will probably never see it again.

  • Got to say after a quick initial 20 minute jam I was impressed. I then swapped your cab out for one of my own and thought it sounded great, my ears were a little worn out so came back last night fresh, went back and forth between your original cab with the profile and mine and found yours much nicer with fresh ears. Next thing I know 4 hours had passed.

    I'm a lover of all things modded Marshall and I'm very familiar with and played quite a few Friedman/Splawn/Cameron/Fortin/Dan Gower/Jose Mod and the like and I'm finding the more I play this profile the more I'm liking it I dare say this could be one of if not my favourite high gain profile for using with FRFR at the moment. Just made a few small tweaks to get it there for me with my EVH Wolfgang:

    Left EQ and gain as was
    Definition: 6.8 (Think this was your default setting)
    Power Sag: 0.8 (Always find a touch of this gives a more "real cranked" squish I'm used to on my real amps
    Clarity: 3.2 (Thickens up just a touch removes a touch of fizz adds a little more mid cut)
    Tube Shape 5.0 (Like driving the power section a touch harder to give a smoother tone)
    Tube Bias: 0.0 (Default)
    Compression 3.5 (Works excellent when rolling back volume to clean)

    I haven't tried the profile yet live or in a band practice situation yet and I'm hoping with or without a bit Monitor Out EQ section adjustment I can get this with my powerhead to cut through the band and move air through a real 4X12, like my real amps do. I have almost always found I have to add quite a bit of quite a lot of mids and a little bass at the Monitor Out EQ to get most profiles to cut through a mix like my real amps and especially Marshall's do. If I don't I just get lost against the other guys Engl Powerball. Never an issue running direct to the front of house though only when using through a guitar cab.

    Really looking forward to any other profiles you do of this CCV especially any merged or direct as well. I had about 10 minutes with one a few year back and can say it's one of the greatest amps there is for me.

    I'd be curious of any settings and switches you dialed in on this profile too?

  • Great review! Thanks for taking the time. Looking forward to giving your tweaks a try as I also have a Wolfgang (though mine is a Peavey). This profile was made and refined with a Gibson Les Paul Standard with Suhr Aldrich pickups. Just curious - what FRFR speaker are you using?

    I made some direct profiles as well. I can send you one to test out with your 4x12. As far as amp settings, I took detailed notes when I was profiling and will post the exact settings when I get a chance. Thanks again.

  • I use a Friedman AMS-12 wedge.

    I also gave it a good go through my headphones, they are high quality Vivanco brand but they aren't very flat and neutral in frequency response, more for listening to music than mixing but it still sounded excellent.

    Yeah I'd definitely be up for trying some others especially direct profiles as when captured right I find they usually offer more punch and clarity than a studio counterpart through a real cab.

    I like the micing on your profile, warm but not boomy or muddy, excellent high mid range and a nice cutting top end without any fizz. What I Iike the best though is how it feels when playing. I always find the profiles I like best are ones where the gain is around 6 to 6.5 on the Kemper but they play and feel as if you have the gain closer to 8.0 if you get what I mean. I add a little sag in the amp section and as I said before make it feel a litttle more saturated and spongy to me, its very subtle but in blind tests I can definitely feel the difference.

    PS. I also have Pure Cab set at 0.8

    I'm looking forward to hopefully getting my own modded Marshall 1980 JMP back the end of this week. Got some serious modifications going on with that, like a best of the Friedman BE-100, Cameron CCV/Atomica, Fortin and Jose Arredondo features going on. I'm talking foot switchable and dialable 4th valve gain stage, already got a transparent valve FX loop, push pull zener diode clipping, PPIMV added, Solo Boost, regulated and elevated heaters and a pot that works exactly like the definition control on the Kemper. Can't wait, hopefully get some profiles done once I have it back.