How I programmed my HD500 to work in Performance mode

  • Hi everybody, I finally programmed my HD500 to work in performance mode. I don't know if the solution have been posted, anyway this is how I made. As you know HD500 sends fixed program changes in the patches, and when you try to use them in the performance mode of the kemper, you find that patches number and kemper slots are not matched (kemper has an extra fifth slot per bank). So this is how i made:

    - use HD500 in pedalboard mode (not ABCD), this is set in the system menu;
    - Change the default Midi channel in the system menu (I put channel 2). In this way pod will still sends its fixed program changes, but in channel two.
    - Change the default midi channel of the Kemper (I put channel 1). Now the kemper will not listen the fixed PC of the pod.
    - In the midi menu of the pod (long press MOVE button), set the bottom row of switches to send program changes using channel 1: BUT PUT ATTENTION: You must start in the first preset of hd500 using PC 0 to PC 3, then discard the PC 4 and start the next preset by programmig from PC 5 to PC 8 and so on.
    - Now you can use the top row of the switches to switch on and off the effects using CC in channel one.

    Thats all. I hope this can help you.