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  • The thread was started by the original poster to find out what had happened, and one of the mods answered. The OP "liked" that answer, so I guess the thread had served its purpose and I don't think any further discussion would lead anywhere. All that had to be said has been said. Likewise, I don't think anything good will come of this particular thread either - sorry :-)

  • Looks like the apes are gathering again. I don't want to miss this event. ;)
    I think I have nothing more to add to this topic. We already showed our support to @Monkey_Man now it's up to him what to do with his avatar.

    Seeing all those monkey avatars makes me feel warm inside. And at the same time it's fun, because the avatar each one of us chose, can tell something about our personality and preference. LOL @MentaL Thank you all!

  • The thread was started by the original poster to find out what had happened, and one of the mods answered. The OP "liked" that answer, so I guess the thread had served its purpose and I don't think any further discussion would lead anywhere. All that had to be said has been said. Likewise, I don't think anything good will come of this particular thread either - sorry :-)

    Well, something good has come out of the other thread at the very least. This place looks awesome now with all those monkeys. :) Can't have enough monkeys on the internet!!!

  • What I understood from the other thread is that Nicky was politely asked to change his profile picture and he did. But there was no threat of any kind of punitive action if he did.

    Perhaps Nicky needs to take a call on just brazening out the negative attention from whichever irate members of the community saw fit to complain about his avatar in the first place. And by that I mean, resuming the mantle of the monkey once again by becoming Monkey_Man once more.

    Seriously, @Monkey_Man, just put your profile back the way it was. I think a bigger concern was all the posting you were doing that was considered off topic. I even find the phrase "off topic" a little strange, have you ever had a conversation with a live person where you were threatened with a ban because you spoke of something else?

    At any rate, that is another discussion altogether and in someone else's house, one must follow the guest rules, yadda yadda yadda.

    But since there has been no explicit warning to change your avatar, I think you should just go back to using it.

  • While I agree with most of what you say, I have a feeling that the monkeyman is not enjoying the "publicity" he's getting right now. So let me say to the mister himself: do whatever you feel like, whatever it is - it's entirely up to you :-)

  • You're both right, Michael, and that was very-eloquently put, AJ. I'm hating this, but only because I don't want the mods to get irritated by all the monkeys and therefore be reminded of me every time they peruse the forum. It's been eating away at me to the point that I've finally decided to try to properly clear the air and put this to bed.

    I've been caught between a rock and a hard place.

    The rock:
    There was no threat, but I was asked, "on multiple common request, could you please change your avatar?". I respect the mods and want to obey their wishes, which is why I removed it. I didn't replace it 'cause it's the only one I use, so it's that or nothing. No big deal really - I was only upset initially 'cause I couldn't get my head around the request, admittedly feeling victimised, but the last thing I want to do is upset or offend anyone, so I happily complied. I'm still happy with that decision.

    The hard place:
    I've never disrespected authority publicly; call me old-fashioned. For this reason I've chosen not to contest the characterisation of the directive that was offered by the powers that be in the first avatar thread. Maybe I should've called this one the rock, 'cause it's like eating rocks, this withholding of one's natural urge to defend one's self, but thankfully my moral centre prevents me from risking making a dick out of anyone... except myself, of course! I respect the mods, as should we all IMHO. They mean well and have a sometimes-tricky job to do. I know for sure that they don't always feel comfortable enforcing the rules, but it's their job and we should all respect that. Without them, there'd be no forum, and none of us would've met. Imagine that!

    The "between" place:
    The Great Avatar Rally of 2016. That's the "between" place, brothers and sisters! I don't wanna be a killjoy or come across as a member of the fun police by asking you guys to bear in mind how the rally may be affecting the mods, or even the "multiples" who couldn't handle seeing mine any more(!), so I've been sitting back enjoying the wildlife as best I can whilst nervously wondering how long it'll be 'til someone breaks and gives me a clip across the ear after assuming that I started it or, worse still, asks the forum to wind the rally to a close. I don't think that'd go down too well in these here parts.

    So, after way-too-much consideration, the "best solution" I can think of is for us to set a date on which the rally will end and we all stumble home with what's left of our beer and avatar flags. This way, you guys get to have a little more fun with your hilarious avatars, and the mods get to at least know when their otherwise-pristine forum will be free from the stench of all that simian poo around the place.

    The more I think of it, the better this solution seems to me. I mean, in this context, it could go on for as long as you reasonably choose, as long as an ending date is set. It's that all-important ending date that takes the sting out of what might otherwise be considered a protest, and hopefully fosters a general feeling of fun and festivity rather than angst. If you agree, I'll obviously leave it up to you to determine the festival's length.

    Did I say, "festival"? I can't say I dislike the idea of having an ape-avatar festival at the start of October every year. Sounds like fun to me, and an innocent way of further strengthening our bonds here, which can't be a bad thing. It could be our own little Oktoberfest. Apetoberfest, anyone? 1 week or 2, is what I'm thinking, starting from October 1st. Its fate, my dearest, beloved Kemperites, is in your hands!

    Thank you, as always, for listening to lil' ol' me, and for all your selfless gestures of support; I'll never, ever forget this.
    Your humble servant,

  • quote:"on multiple common request, could you please change your avatar? unquote

    To become an ape is a chance show what "multiple request" really could mean.
    Its a way to protest against anonym complaint as long an open discussion is not possible.

    I am impressed that so much becomes apes.
    I am quite shure that a silent majority do also not understand the request to cancel an Avatar , which is used from Nicky for years (also in other Forums)
    It should not be possible that some ill-humored people influence how someone has to present himself in the forum as long nobody is offended.

    Nicky is really one of the friendliest users here and people with only little empathy knows that his friendliness is not always correlating to his malaise.

  • I'm pretty happy with my apish looks. Actually, now I have more character, more the upper-hand feeling, or sort of, and since the real me does have some silver hair too mixed with some blackish areas I haven't changed that much except that I look better now, more the alpha ape, ha, ha. My playing hasn't improved since my transformation, truth be said. Well, I don't mind becoming faceless again, since I chose an avatar only because of you know what...