Expression pedal on FCB1010 not working for pitch shift but works for wah

  • Hey guys! I have the FCB1010 with the Uno4Kemper chip in it. After having my pitch shift working with no problems for months, it suddenly one day stopped working, I kicked the pedal back and forth a few times and it started again, and worked that way for a few weeks, where I would have to rock it a few times before it would kick in. After a few weeks, it will not engage the shift at all. Now my wah still works just fine with no problems, so I dont think its a hardware issue, because the wah would have stopped too if that was the case. Has anyone ever seen this before? I havent updated to 4.0 yet, Im on the last version before that (3.6 I think?)

    And yes, I have my wah and my exp linked together, the volume pedal is solely used for volume.