Custom folders

  • Hello! Not sure if this has been up before, I would honestly be a little surprised if it didn't. However, it would be great if we could make our own user folders to put our rigs in! I personally have about 6-700 rigs, and it can be quite time consuming to scroll from profile number 621 to number 3... A lot of us also have several profiles of the same amp, and it would be so much easier to just select a folder containing a specific amp and scroll through the 10-30 profiles! As of now I have to use the performance mode as a folder system, which is a decent solution, but a "real" folder system would be much better! Hope I am not the only one wishing for this and that it might be a realistic feature before 2025 :D

  • It's not just about the ability to scroll fast, but it is about organizing and making a neat and effective file system. If my Macbook came preconfigured with say ten folders, and I could mark certain files as "favorites" and that was it; it would be a nightmare to organize and find a certain file. It is of course not quite as critical with the Kemper, but the favorite-option just categorizes profiles into two categories: favorites and non-favorites. Not Marshall Plexi, Marshall JCM800, Fender Deluxe Reverb and EVH 5150III profiles. Yes, I can sort the profiles by amp but I still have to scroll through the 150 Marshall 1987X profiles (I'm not exaggerating!) to get to the other Marshall profiles.

    There is one thing that I want to ask, and it is important to emphasize that if some of you perceive it as crass; that was never the intention. And it may be a simple misunderstanding also, I don't know. But it seems to me that when certain features have been requested, for instance a pc editor but also this request of mine, the response from Kemper themselves have often been that it is, or should not be required with a pc editor or that you can tag rigs; and therefore it is not required with a folder system. But it is the users who have spent a lot of money on the Kemper, and know best what they miss; not Kemper GmbH, who seem to often base whether the features are useful or not on a theoretical basis, not a practical basis.

    I might be entirely mistaken, I am not very updated on the responses from Kemper. What I do know is that they have listened and given us (or are at least working with) some new delays (and reverbs?), but I also know that an editor have been requested since the first days of Kemper. The Line 6 Helix is even more user friendly and has a fantastic UI (that's the only thing Helix is better than Kemper at imo), but it still has an editor.

    All of this being said, I truly love my Kemper! Every single one of my tube amps have been sold now, because they feel inferior to the Kemper even when I just use it as a regular amp with a cabinet. The EVH 5150III that I recently sold sounds fantastic for metal and heavy rock, but it lacks the mid range growl and warmth of an old Plexi. The Silver Jubilee sounds like a JCM800 on steroids and can also do metal fantastically with a pedal, but it has to be run soo loud to sound good! Way too loud for almost any application.

    This post got a bit off topic, but it's okay I guess. My point is, that a user assignable folder system would be a really nice addition to an already fantastic product. Cheers to all fellow Kemperians :D

  • Hi,
    Is possible to create folder at the same level as
    All rigs, Favorites, Last Imported ... ?
    The folders will be "filters" in fact.
    In Profiler (Browser mode) :
    Put in a rig in a folder : We are on a rig, we press Rig button, I have a list of folder, Favorites of course and folder created.
    How erase a rig from folder ?
    when I push "delete" button I have choise, delete from Profiler, delete from current folder "with name".
    Of course we can have one rig in differents folders.
    to class the rigs in a same folder ?
    Where and how create a folder in UI ?
    the Snapshots are in folders too ?
    need study UI...

    It's possible links this with RigManager ?