My Guitars

  • It's very good. Plays very well I've got it set up with 'Beefy Slinkys' (11-54) as I keep it in drop C for my band project. It's not a gigging band, just an album band, kind of 'Nightwish' like . . ish.
    All my other guitars are in Eb Hendrix tuning, I just think guitars sound better in that tuning.
    The Gibson is a 2015 USA Les Paul Studio. I've changed the tuners (got rid of the robot tuners as they weren't great), I put on Gibson Deluxe Kluson tuners. I also had a luthier change the nut from the brass nut as factory built to a Tusq nut. I've also changed the knobs and put a custom truss rob cover on. The 2015 Gibsons have a much wider neck than usual. I love this because I have sausage fingers. :P

    The Squire is a classic Vibe neck and an American body . . . which is very nice to play and sounds fantastic. Acoustic is a Tanglewood Nashville III and the Bass is an old Yamaha BBAG4, which I've had for at least 10 years.
    I have a few other guitars, but they're not here at the moment. Plus I have a Uke, for those acoustic metal moments! :P