Share your new delay settings

  • Bad news and good news for you!!

    Bad news: After some request from users i have done a decision. I wont share delay presets any longer. It's to much much work to extract them , uploaqd them ans so on. So no more uploads of delaypresets on dropbox.

    Good news: I discussed another solution with PaulTS. He is so kind and let us use rigs from himself and also djemass the smart French guy has given his ok of using a rig from him.

    So , new rules here:
    I uploaded 3 pure profiles in dropbox called:

    PaulTS jubilee marshall
    PaulTS Clean Fender
    Djemass jp2c Boogie

    this 3 amps represent a lot of stuff.
    You can tweak them to the bone and use them to create cool artist sounds with the new delays and share the rigs directly here.
    So if you have created a cool rig, upload it here in this thread and name it like it's sound f.e. Satriani solo, or Vais Ballerina or , Still of the night. Please use artist or tune names, because if someone searches for a special thing , he can find it quick.
    I will upload the shared rigs here to the dropboxlink, somebody of you will say that we can upload it on RE but i won't to offend the kpa guys because the Rig Exchange is a platform for Profiles. I think it's not ok when we chrash this platform with tweaked rigs from the same amp.
    Next is, i won't open the dropbox link that everyone can upload a rig to it, it's my account and i'd like to have the control what is uploaded, i am careful that no commercial rig will be uploaded.

    Please, use only the 3 offerd profiles to create example rigs if you are so kind to share it here. They are very flexible, try different gainstages and so on.

    Here is a sound example of the 3 amps, pure out of the box. I used Till Schleicher free cab sims.

    and here are the first examples from me
    First part:
    Tweaked Fender for a clean Yngwie sound :Rig uploaded as "Yngwie clean eltzejupp"
    Second part tweaked jubilee marshall : Rig uploaded as " Still of the night eltzejupp"
    Third part:
    Tweaked boogie jp2 : Rig uploaded as "Petrucci solo eltzejupp"

    I used the shared delay presets for this tweaks!

    Hope you like this new idea and please upload your rigs here, with new delays delays delays delays delays
    The done presets stay under the dropbox link. Rigs are added
    [Blocked Image:]

    Frank (sorry for my bad English and bad playing ;) )

    Here is the link and you will also find it under my signature…8zaswIqujeaHJbYeER7a?dl=0


  • Definitely check OS 5.0 demonstration contents:

    [Blocked Image:]

    DLY Analog Wash.kipr
    DLY Back&Forth.kipr
    DLY Bad Tape.kipr
    DLY Behind Curtain.kipr
    DLY Bison.kipr
    DLY Crinkle.kipr
    DLY Crystal Church.kipr
    DLY Crystal Deep.kipr
    DLY Dark Grains.kipr
    DLY Delay Chorus.kipr
    DLY Digital.kipr
    DLY Double.kipr
    DLY Dual Crystal 1.kipr
    DLY Dual Crystal 2.kipr
    DLY Dual Crystal 3.kipr
    DLY Dual Smear.kipr
    DLY Dual Tape.kipr
    DLY Echo Machine.kipr
    DLY Grains.kipr
    DLY Main Station.kipr
    DLY Moogish.kipr
    DLY Multihead 1.kipr
    DLY Multihead 2.kipr
    DLY Multihead 3.kipr
    DLY Ping Chorus Pong.kipr
    DLY Ping Pong.kipr
    DLY Quad to Verb.kipr
    DLY Reflections.kipr
    DLY Reverse 1.kipr
    DLY Reverse 2.kipr
    DLY Reverse 3.kipr
    DLY Reverse Smear 2.kipr
    DLY Reverse Smear.kipr
    DLY Rhythm 1.kipr
    DLY Rhythm 2.kipr
    DLY Rhythm 3.kipr
    DLY Rhythm 4.kipr
    DLY Rising 8th.kipr
    DLY Serial 16th.kipr
    DLY Serial Mod.kipr
    DLY Shadowy.kipr
    DLY Swinging U2.kipr
    DLY Tape Slapback 1.kipr
    DLY Tape Slapback 2.kipr
    DLY Tape.kipr
    DLY Thin Smear.kipr
    DLY Turning Head.kipr
    DLY Warm Swell.kipr
    DLY Warm Verb 2.kipr
    DLY Warm Verb.kipr
    DLY Warm.kipr

    However, creating new presets by users as @Eltzejupp suggested is good idea.

  • Have you checked the New Delay Demonstration Presets? These address exactly your request.

    Hi, yes i have checked all these new and awesome stuff, but intension here is not to have presets nemed like a type of delay, it was much more that we can create presets named like run like hell, where the streets have no name and so on.i would be much quicker to came in a ballpark fot us when we search for a sound like Vai or some other great players used on a special track. Btw, the preset pack is def. awesome.


  • Reference :

    I uploaded in the Rig Exchange my main lead rig with the new delay (rhythm delay) simulating the delay used in the JP2C Lead video
    Rig name : 05-IIC+ LEAD (DT-OURNEWWORLD)
    Amp : Richb's IIC+
    Cab : mine (IIC+ / recto 2x12)
    Delay : rhythm delay

    Enjoy ;)

    I use a DT-770 and set the Space at 5.1, no pure cab, guitar Musicman JP6 2001.

    PS : I love this delay setting

  • I would be one of this user ;) Great idea Frank.
    It would be cool if it would be similar to the datapool as Nicky created for Wah.

    OK , Geraldo has opened so i will follow:

    Run like hell delay, maybe it's not 100% but it's a try:
    Dual Delay
    mix 83%
    Note value 1 = 3/16
    Note value 2 = 5/16
    Delay balance -14,7
    Feedback 1 = 65%
    Feedback 2 = 10%
    Low cut 20,6
    High cut 4200
    Reverse mix 0
    Stereo 150%
    chorus 0
    Cross feedback 0
    Modulation 2,5
    Flutter int 0
    Flutter rate 5.0
    rest all 0
    Tempo 119,5 bpm

    In front of amp: Comp and Flanger
    Profile Marshall jubi from Guido Bungenstock
    Guitar Fender Strat

    Maybe one of you have a better solution

    Please post

  • I'm not 100% sure, so feel free to clarify; I remember reading the mods have been pretty consistent and particular about the rules for posting rigs onto RM. They should be your own, original work, and not a tweak of another rig.

    This makes sense, since anyone can tweak to taste, and nobody wants RM flooded with 50 versions of one rig with a few small parameter changes.

    As the KPA develops in complexity this way, I feel this can be a very good thing if it is handled properly, and things like morphing, wah settings etc, would have a much greater value in a new folder or method that would be dedicated to different presets, or one folder with them all, with just tags,that way the 1000's of creative ideas that will probably follow can be freely shared, and easily sorted, searched etc. How this would work, and what it would look like is not really up to me to say, I only get the feeling that it is time to consider an option like this.

    I see this as very similar to the time before RM was out there, and you would get rigs individually scrolling through pages, uphill both ways, in the heat and cold at once :P
    I am not too concerned, since if there is a need, K-Team will likely look into it, and find an elegant solution for presets.

    P.S. It is also definitely not a good thing to post any commercial profilers rig (free or not) in the RM without their permission first, ideally, they should be the ones doing this. It's about being respectful of their work, clarity for users, and keeping things as simple as possible.

    Hope this helps, and until that time great thread idea Eltzejupp :thumbup: and I am guessing it should be ok to post settings for commercial profiles for those who have them, just not the profile, but that decision should be up to the creator.

  • Ok, got it and understand the whole thing....never had the intention of pinching a sound as i just thought this was a easy way to share the settings...
    as I have no Amp, just sold a too god amp to hang around as my #2, a Palmer Fat 50 (also perfect German craft) I will never ever post a profile :-(

    here's a little go at U2s, Van Diemens Land

    1st Delay Single Delay 217 with 0 just one kling
    2nd Delay Single Delay 431ms with 15% Feedback

    thought this would be a nice hommage for Mr. Evans

  • so why not just post our rig/sounds on Rig Manager ?

    I think we could use the default rig "crunch" or any other from the factory-rig - is'nt it?
    With the initial letters "dly" you would be easier to find them in RM and everybody knows its only valid for delay. (to distinguish it from the "DLY" presets.)
    Remarks could show for what type of music it is made for.