OS 5 beta suggestion.

  • I don't know if this is the best way to comment on the beta release, but I'll mail it to the rigmanagers feedback adress too...

    First: congratulations to some amazing delays in the 5.0 beta release! :thumbsup:
    This will adress the comments from the users that have longed for some more advanced fx usage, all in-the-box.

    But I have also noticed that there are a lot of users that are complaining about the KPA fx that are not 'power user-types'.
    Their complaints are not of the type: "I'm missing this and that feature"
    But more of the kind: "I can't get the fx sound like I'm used too"
    And when You read 'between the lines' it's almost every time people coming from using pedals and are not used to the concept of having a 'super-version' of an fx with a multitude of parameters that you can tweek to emulate any old pedal.
    And all these new delays will not help them...

    So my suggestion: Add an another delay type, call it Pedal Delay/Stomp Delay/Simple Delay or something.
    Let it have only 4 parameters: Delay Time, Mix, Feedback and Character. Think of Your traditional stomp box delay.
    The Character parameter should be a 'meta' parameter controlling various parameters behind the scenes, like bandwith, modulation, varble and so on.
    Range from -5 to +5, were the 0 have a great 'pedal delay' tone as default and going towards -5 will make it more 'digital' and +5 will bring in more analog character.

    That would add a fast and simple method for all users that's not into creating big lush delayscapes and are coming from their simple pedalbord setups.
    Well, what the heck, I might use it myself... ;)