Smear on Final Release Quad and Rhythm Delays?

  • Will there be the smear parameter or others such as chorus/grit etc included in the final FM 5.0 release of the Quad and Rhythm Delays?

    I've been trying to replicate the Lexicon PCM70's "Circular Delays" preset used by Steve Lukather and some others such as Dave Gilmour and succeeded previously linking two delays in series (one mono into one ping pong) using firmware 4.0 however a key component that was missing from this was the smear/diffusion function.

    I've been able to successfully recreate the Circular Delays preset using one delay slot with the Rhythm Delay (I'm almost certain this is the only delay algorithm that can do this preset in the Kemper) but sadly there is no smear option in this delay, or the quad delay and that would complete the replication perfect.

    I know these are quite complex delays and maybe that's the reason all the options aren't included, but will these options be implemented in the final release?

    I know the Lexicon PCM 70 can do up to 6 tap delay with diffusion/smear and that unit is from the late 80's so I'm confident the Kemper should be able to manage 4 parallel delays/4 taps quite easy considering the processing that it must take to produce some of these new delays.

  • Yes, please!

  • Yes Chris I know, very nice they are as well.

    Not sure if I worded the post correctly, are you saying there is supposed to be a smear option on the rhythm and quad delay? As I'm almost certain it isn't available on my Kemper when using those two?