Connecting active monitors to the kpa

  • hi guys
    I'll be as brief as I can.
    I've been using my kemper for 18 months as a hobby player in my spare room with my kemper into my desk top for rig manager, my kemper main outs into spare inputs of a stereo amp and speakers and my pc sound card out into the same input with you connectors.
    As crude as this is, It's been fine for my needs as.....

    1. I can use the kemper in stereo without the desktop being switched on.
    2. I can use my desktop and run pc audio out through the same setup without changing anything cable wise.
    3. I can play media through the pc and play along with the kemper aswell.

    I've had to work overtime against my will so I've used the money to upgrade a bit and bought a pair of AKG 701s, a pair of JBL LSR 305s and a scarlett 2i2.

    If I run the direct outs of the kemper into the front of the 2i2, do the cables need to be trs, or mono ? Is it better to use balanced trs cables from the 2i2 outputs to the JBLS, or should I use balanced trs to xlr to the JBLS.

    Obviously if I go through the 2i2 I can use the jbls for desktop media and kemper playback, but I can't ply through the kemper unless the desktop is switched on.

    Is it OK to run balanced trs cables from the 2i2 to the jbls and xlr from the kemper to the jbls
    Or would this overloads something.

    Ideally I'd like to run the kemper to the jbls, and use if the pc is on or off, and use the jbls for playing pc media aswell.

    Or is it better to have to pairs of monitors, one for kemper, one for pc media.

    Thanks guys !!

  • Hey there,

    Here is the way I would run it..

    Kemper main outs XLR at line level to the 2i2 front inputs XLR (Both for Stereo / one for Mono / no phantom power) -- 2i2 Line outs TRS to TRS or XLR to the JBLs -- Headphones from 2i2 headphone out.

    You would need the desktop on if you wanted to run through the 2i2, but you could always use the Kempers Main out TRS to the JBLs from the 1/4" Main out with the PC off.

    Hope that helps.

  • My setup:
    Kpa main out master stereo to mixdesk. Mixdesk main outs L/R to inputs L/R of my steinberg interface. Panned left to left and right to right with the steinberg mixer on my laptop. Steinberg out left/ right tr/ xlr to my two krk rookit rp6 g3 active monitors. That setup gives a stereo output to the monitors and i can directly record in stereo in cubase.


  • I use a cheap mixer with USB interface and leave it always on. Kemper and keyboards to the mixer and mixer to the speakers. That way I can just play the instrument without turning on the computer. However, this is a compromise as it has no input level meters, the mic pres are not high quality and the recording via usb is onlu 16 bit. The ideal solution would be a quality USB interface with its own power supply that is able to operate as a mixer without turning on the computer. I really like the focusrite scarlet range (I have a 2i2 ) but unfortunately even the bigger units in this range with their own power supply need the computer to be on and talking via usb before any signal is sent to the speakers. I tried a few of them in a shop to test this.

    There are a few USB interfaces I know of priced around £400 that can also work as a stand alone mixer with the computer turned off:
    - Roland Octa-capture
    - Tascam US-20x20

    Anyone know of any cheaper USB interfaces that can do this?

  • thanks guys for all your input.
    I should also add, I've never recorded anything, and don't have much idea except some hints and tips from you tube.
    I'll probably use reaper till I suss it out.
    Also my kemper manual is in the loft buried by wife's junk, I'm not just being lazy.

    If I come out of the 1/4" main outs of the kemper into the 2i2, should the leads be ts, or trs leads ?

    And also if I run a pair of kemper outs to the 2i2 and the other pair of out to the active monitors so I can use the kemper with the pc off, would running two pairs of outs from the kemper to the monitors, would it damage the kemper or the monitors ??

    Also would the signal from the 2i2 to reaper be mono or stereo ?


  • TS or TRS from kemper main out are ok. Either will work. TRS will help with noise, but I imagine your runs will be short enough. I would only run one set of outs to the monitors at a time. And you can unplug the 2i2 if you want to use the kemper with the computer off.

  • Also would the signal from the 2i2 to reaper be mono or stereo ?

    If you use both inputs you can have a stereo track that uses input 1&2. This is great for practice and noodling around.

    When it comes time to record tracks, I would record guitar mono / dry and pan mono tracks L&R adding effects. At the least, doubling the track (1 left and 1 right as separate performances) giving the guitar thickness.