Fine tuning my tone- Help needed

  • You have never been an A hole brother, i would have been PISSED if you sold your Kemper over this tho, there are some VERY talented people on here that can fix ANYTHING. Okay ok ok! back to the mission :)


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

  • Not sure what that has to do with this awesomely educational thread. Please take it somewhere else. Some of us are trying to learn. ( Not how to stick our foot in our mouths mind you.)

  • I understand, for some, there exists a morbid fascination with watching train wrecks, or plane crashes. I, however, am not a fan...and cordially bow out. I hope you find some peace and satisfaction, in whatever you are looking for, ITTO.


  • Either way it does not matter because everybody is just an avatar to me. If we can be friend-ly, fine. If I want a friend, it wont be online. I have absolutely no love lost for certain people on here.

    Trust me, that's the problem right there in bold, and you're wrong for treating everyone like they're just an Avatar. Try to imagine that real people are behind the avatar and problem solved.

    There's no reason to be vindictive and mean about this, most people meant no harm and if you can't see it now, that is because you're not being rational.Anger can't be good for your health. Seriously man, just let it go for a while, let it simmer. Avoid this forum for a few days and don't read it. Reaching the boiling point and staying there is your choice, if you simmer down (avoid this forum), you'll be calm and collected again and you would see things differently , guaranteed.

  • I'm not putting your quotes in the body of my email but I'm hoping you'll delete them and later I would edit this thread .

    I would tell you what I would I tell anyone including any of my friends if they ever get like this: "You're drunk go to sleep"

  • @Inthrutheout

    One last fleeting attempt at appealing to the Angels of your better nature, ITTO...

    You have had a crappy week, and maybe you are lashing out at anything that moves...despite the fact that, IMHO, everyone has been trying to help, in good faith.

    Despite your issues and frustration, I would assume you would want to remain a member of this community.

    Word of guess is you are perilously close to losing that privilege.

    Please take that in the spirit of good will that it is intended, honestly. Get some sleep.


  • Oh are my friend now. Damn, If I would have just known that earlier. :(

  • Why would you assume that I would even have a need to be a member. I have a broke ass KPA.

    What wooould I talk about with you fine gents? Hear me?


    For goodness sake, maybe the problem you are having with your KPA is resolved, to your satisfaction and edification (whether it be due to user error or actual hardware defect). The point a member, you can help out others who might experience a similar issue. That is what this community is all about.

    You are letting your current state of anger and frustration get the better of you, IMHO.