Boxed returns!

  • Ok, all of you know my detailed history! My KPA now is re-installed, safe and well working. Anyway the boxed thing some time is not over... i need time, but i can say for sure it did on my profiles and not with bundle. It is not related to hex editing, i try to re-install (now i can do i'm enjoying it :D ) and put just 1 profile, my Bogner that is never be edited in any way. Boxing is here. I update at public beta, and do the same. Boxing is here still. I'm starting to think that my profiles was strange in some way not for the hex stuff, but because my software had some previous problem (in fact the restore put KO my device). That seem a reasonable hypothesis. A good question will be "and if you profile now, after re-install and upgrade at 1.0.1, will be boxing again?". I let you know. I'm very happy now because i was a week without my baby and i risk to stay several weeks waiting for a repair in guarantee, so all this can be solved in some way. I wanted just keep you informed. Thanks again for your great support here in the forum :thumbsup:

  • ahahahah :P

    be sure my ears works! even if it's not a so interesting thing to see, i link the vid i did for the support this monday (audio is out of sync but it is understandable). With some tones is much evident, so here the difference seem light (it isn't) anyway we're using a top notch amp profiler to obtain a high fidelity, and at least the tone should be all the same and not changing at his will. In the vid seem it is influenced by the order (maybe the previous profile damaged de sequels) but in trying it seem randomly or anyway not so easy to understand. It did sometime even with KPA with a just one profile, so the previous damage won't explain. It seem simply when the tone is loaded, something go wrong or go well for a not clear reason.

    Maybe some of you discover that the tone you listen to my profile in your KPA was not the original one but the boxed, but you really can't say because you don't know how it should be or you don't spend you time putting and leaving a tone you don't liked.