How to remove a stomp assignment from the remote

  • I want to assign a wah to stomp 1 of one of my rigs that I have in one of my profiles. (Actually…I’d like to have stomp 1 set up for a wah in all my rigs in all my profiles…but that’s probably another thread!). I hadn’t realized it but I already had a “boost” assigned into stomp 1 for this rig. I added the wah and it added it as a 2nd stomp assigned to that stomp button on my kemper remote. That wouldn’t be so bad but…the wah doenst work even when it says its on. What I’d like to do is to remove both so its back to nothing and then try to add the wah again.

    I’ve messed around with it and I cant seem to figure out how to get it back to blank or how to even remove 1 of the 2 stomps that are assigned. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Another solution: Long press stomp 1 and select *empty* from the preset list. Do the same for stomp 2.

    Your Wah controller might need a proper setup in the settings pages. In example tell the Kemper that the controller pedal from input x should work as Wah.